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Theresa May successfully convinced the EU to allow Britain an extension of Brexit, not for three months as she wanted, but of six instead. Meaning we will “crash out” of the EU on October 31st, or will we?

Over the past few weeks, although Parliament failed to agree on any way forwards for our departure of the EU, what they did make clear is what they did not want to happen. Predominantly, leaving without a deal. A motion not to leave the EU without a deal was passed by a majority of 4 votes, much to the government’s surprise.

Following this, and after not being able to agree on a way forwards, Theresa May and government rushed around to get an extension from the EU so as to not leave with no deal. It is also believed that should an extension not have been granted; Parliament would have voted to withdraw Article 50.

With tensions high, it seems quite likely Theresa May will leave (or be forced out) of government in the coming months. In which case a general election is quite likely and a political party could easily promote the revoking of Article 50 should they be voted in to government, in a bid to gain more votes.

So in short, we are more likely not to leave at all than to leave with no deal, and with over 6 million people having signed a petition to revoke Article 50, the government is under more and more pressure to put this to the people, in which case, anything is possible.

Parliament is off on leave over Easter, and will return the following week, so not much will happen over the next week or so.

All of these factors could have an impact on your property search in France.

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