We British, much to the bafflement and amusement of the French, have been busy buying up old stone houses and barns for total renovation or at best modernisation. Attracted by the character, charm and of course the prices of these old houses which have stood for centuries. Built from local materials, they as much part of the landscape as the region’s forests and lakes.

New Build Limousin
A pavillion style house

The French, on the other hand, prefer the comforts of a modern “pavilion” style house, with all home comforts including water and electricity! In fact some even manage to finance such projects from the sale of a dilapidated property with no sanitation whatsoever! No wonder they think we’re mad.

Whilst many of us (especially those of us in the middle of a renovation project) might understand the wisdom of such a house, especially when we’ve been months without a hot shower, if truth be told we can’t stand the uniformity and sterility of these modern villas which the locals love so much.

However, the numbers of British discovering that not only are new build properties often much cheaper than a renovation project, with the advantage of a house at the end of it which exactly meets your requirements, they can also ooze character and style.

With land prices in the Limousin amongst the lowest in France (from 8 – 12 Euros per metre square), it’s easy to see why a new build or self build property is becoming an attractive option for many.

There are many companies established in the region to choose from for your new build, from those that build from stone or brick, to those who construct timber framed houses or wooden chalets.

Below are some links to get you started


To find your dream building plot have a look at the selection our property database, there are still plenty of bargains to be had

Land and Property in the Limousin

It is also worth asking at the local Mairie for details of any plots for sale. Also many house builders will have a database of constuctiable plots for sale in the area.

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