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Regional Property Guide: Aquitaine

Despite its long and rich history, not many people know of Aquitaine, although many will be familiar with place names such as Biarritz, St.Emilion and Arcachon, or have probably consumed its most famous exports, wine, cognac, and foie gras.

Limousin vs Dordogne: A Regional Property Guide

PROPERTY SHOWDOWN In this edition we move down towards the Southwest of France to compare the benefits of buying in two areas of Nouvelle-Aquitaine ~Limousin~   This bucolic area at the heart of France boasts a contrasting landscape of verdant

Traditional Dordogne home in Sarlat

Dordogne property guide

The Dordogne has been popular with house-buyers from outside the Hexagon. But there are many things to consider before you buy, so here’s a guide to the different attractions of the Dordogne and points to ponder before you sign on the dotted line.

French and expat communities in Dordogne

Dordogne has a reputation for being full of Brits and according to official figures, it has a UK expatriate population without equal in France. Why? It is an amazingly beautiful region with lots of space and a healthy property market.

10 reasons to buy in southern Dordogne

Jacqueline Hanks lives in the Bergerac and southern Dordogne area. Here she takes us through its top attractions, from townhouses with colombage to pretty new villas with swimming pools, not to mention excellent transport links and delicious local produce.

Is Dordogne France’s safe haven?

Global economic slowdown, inflation, exchange rate misery, failing investments… they are everywhere you look in today’s world. Yet in this tranquil corner of SW France the reverberations of these things seem less important. The region still offers the same great reasons for buying that it always has…

New homes in the Dordogne


This is the new debate. For a long time it has been the done thing, much to the amusement of the French, for legions of Brits to visit …

Renovation of your Dordogne Property

There are all sorts of places to buy in the Dordogne but the classic target for British buyers has been the dilapidated old farmhouse with exposed beams and a few hectares of land, needing wholescale restoration to make it a dream home. But there are some indications that things may be changing…

Buying the Dordogne dream

“Our very own plot”We’d been back for just two days from our exploratory trip to France before finally deciding that we had to buy the plot of land. It was only the second piece of land we had visited…

Dealing with damp in the Dordogne

“Damp on upper floor”The town square in front of our house slopes gently down to where a stream flows underground. Under the slightly raised ground floor there is a cellar with open vents to the pavement outside…

Sarlat Area Property Market

“Farm: €293k”The Périgord Noir is special. With its wooded hills, numerous medieval castles and churches, the broad valley of the Dordogne and the narrower one of the Vézère, and the steep roofs and golden stone of the local architecture, it has beguiled the English for years. It’s not surprising, then…

Bergerac area property market

“Stone house: 293k”According to Peter Doyle at Century 21 in Bergerac, English buyers represent only 20% of those buying through their agency, spending an average of €200,000 apiece. It’s impossible to predict what they’ll go for, since it varies enormously, according to their needs and wants. However, he has noticed a change over the past decade. “Ten years ago people wanted…

Where should I buy my house in the Dordogne?

“Cottage near Rouffignac”Choosing an area to buy into will depend on particular wishes and needs, as well as your own personal taste. I recently met a couple at Bergerac airport who had been looking for a holiday home around Sarlat. I asked them if they liked woods…