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Chalabre Property

Why buying property in and around Chalabre, with nearby lakes, castles and stunning views of the Pyrenees, makes for a great investment!

Property Hunting in Languedoc Roussillon

If you’re considering buying a property in the Languedoc Roussillon this year, chances are that you’ll already have a good idea about where in the region you want it to be, that’s why we’ve created dedicated location specific property sales pages for the main property hotspots in the region – “Languedoc Roussillon property sales links”

Languedoc-Roussillon Property Investment

Paddy Gibbins, director of Buy To Let Montpellier, explains why property hunters looking to invest in the Languedoc-Roussillon need to get to grips with the sums, and gives a few tips on what to look for when searching for that perfect property investment. “Read more…”

Languedoc Property Buyers Questions

At FrenchEntrée Languedoc-Roussillon we often get emails or phone calls from prospective property hunters looking for information about buying and selling property in the region. Here we take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions and get feedback from the agents who we work with.

Property Hotspots – Languedoc Roussillon

• “Agly & Maury”
• “Alberes”
• “Bassin de Thau”
• “Capcir & Cerdagne”
• “Castelnaudary”
• “Carcassonne”
• “Ceret”
• “Cevennes”
• “Ceze Valley”
• “Coastal”
• “Collioure”
• “Corbieres”
• “Haut Languedoc”
• “Lauragais”
• “Limoux”
• “Lodeve”
• “Lozere”
• “Minervois”
• “Montpellier”
• “Narbonne”
• “Nimes”
• “Perpignan”
• “Pezenas”
• “Prades”
• “Pyrenees”
• “Sete”
• “Uzes”
• “Vaunage”

Lodeve Property Report

Property hunters who haven’t yet discovered the charms of Lodeve will be pleasantly surprised by this elegant market-town located in the north-west corner of the Herault department in Languedoc-Roussillon, surrounded by green hills, woods, vineyards and picturesque villages.
“Lodeve Property Guide”

New builds – buying off plan in Languedoc, France

Image not found.If buying an old stone house in the south of France does not appeal to you for whatever reason, then having your own house built for you is an option worth considering. The advantages of using a specialised company is that when it is finished you can walk into it without having to do any further work. You will also have all the technical and financial guarantees in place

Languedoc Property Profile Match

I was half-watching one of those CSI programmes the other evening (yes, I know…) and it occurred to me that here at FrenchEntrée Languedoc-Roussillon, we help profile property buyers every day, matching their requirements to the right search areas. Over time we’ve seen patterns emerging, so to save you a lot of bother, here’s our “Languedoc property location profile match”!

Property Guide – Languedoc-Roussillon

Thinking of buying a property in Languedoc-Roussillon? This article is an introductory guide to the region covering climate, landscape, attractions, access, property styles and prices.

“Is my Languedoc buy-to-let property a good investment?”

The idea of buying a French property to generate rental income is attractive to many. If you’re tempted to embark on a Languedoc buy-to-let property venture (or are already the proud possessor of a home in the south of France), you need to know how to do some basic maths to ensure that the return on your investment is worthwhile. “Languedoc buy-to-let investments”

Buying in Languedoc with the weather in mind

Languedoc-Roussillon is popular with sun-seekers, but this diverse part of the south of France has dramatically different climatic conditions. Here’s how to find the Languedoc home that’s right for you, whatever the weather. “Buying with the weather in mind”

Circulade Villages in the Languedoc

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If you are travelling around the Languedoc plain you will come across village built in a circular pattern. So, you might ask, why a circle?

There are paintings of circular towns dating back to Roman and Greek times, as the circle was considered the ideal form in those days. But was this merely a pictorial ideal? Between the eleventh and twelfth centuries a whole series of circular villages emerged in this region, evidence of a planned architectural model. They only exit, moreover, in the southern part of France, and are thought to be the first example of urban development of the Middle Ages.

Floods in the Languedoc

Flooding or can be a serious problem in certain areas of the Languedoc. It is therefore vital that all prospective home buyers are aware of flood zones, the legal obligations that exist on vendors, and what to do in the event of a flood. “Languedoc Flood Zones”