English-speaking Notaires in Aveyron

English-speaking Notaires in Aveyron

A Good Notaire Is Essential. Find One Here…

In France, a Notaire must be involved in all property and real estate transactions. In his capacity as a government official, his role is that of a neutral observer and facilitator who is there to ensure that the transaction complies with government regulations, that the necessary checks searches are done, and that all the taxes are paid. It is common for the buyer and the seller to use the same notaire, although you can also appoint your own notaire. Notaires’ fees are based on a sliding scale defined by law, if you appoint you own notaire the fees will be shared by both notaires.

Notaires can also give advice on a number of pertinent issues to your new life in France such as inheritance laws, joint ownership agreements, marriage and divorce, adoption, property investment, organising your estate or starting a business.

And finally, a couple of notes from experience: do not expect the notaire to volunteer information – be prepared to ask specific questions in order to benefit from their expertise. Also, you must make appointments with the notaire in advance and he or she is addressed as Monsieur or Madame le Maître!

For more information, in English as well as in French, about the work that notaires do, as well as further articles about various aspects of the buying process, have a look at the Notaires de France website .

English-speaking Notaires in Aveyron

ARNAUD Thierry

19, rue Maurice Bompard
12000 RODEZ
tel : 05 65 77 65 77
fax : 05 65 77 65 65


28, avenue de la République
12100 MILLAU
tel : 05 65 60 02 67
fax : 05 65 61 18 98


7 Allées Aristide Briand
BP 258
tel : 05 65 45 11 64
fax : 05 65 45 31 86
[email protected]

VERGELY Florence

8 Place du Mandarous BP 225
12102 MILLAU
tel : 05 65 60 26 34
fax : 05 65 60 54 15

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