Security for your Limousin Home

Security for your Limousin Home

Peace of Mind for Your Home, Holiday Home or Rental Property
Have you taken adequate safety precautions to secure the contents of your home?

Crime statistics show that the majority of all burglaries occur when a property is unoccupied.

Our idyllic country homes are often not as secure as they could be. Old doors with woefully inadequate locks on a property that is often secluded from neighbours make an ideal target for thieves.

Particularly in the case of second homes it is vitally important that you consider the risks of leaving your home unattended.

If you have a rental property there may be many people who have keys to access your property for cleaning , maintenance or guests. How often does a key get lost or go missing and a new lock has to be installed?

We have the ideal solution to give you peace of mind and to make your property safe and secure.

Don’t become a crime statistic; secure your home and belongings now.

We Can Offer You :-

• Emergency Assistance 24 hours a day 7 days a week in Corréze and the neighbouring departments. *

• Securing of homes and commercial premises (strengthening of existing locks and multipoint locks) (strengthening of existing doors and armored door installations).

• Sales and installation of strong boxes.

• Installation and repair of shutters.

• Manufacture and installation of security doors, door grills and window grills.

• Hire and installation of security fencing for functions and events ( concerts, meetings, fairs etc.)

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We offer a wide range of products to meet all needs and budgets.

We can offer you several types of locks ranging from the economic ISEO model, up to the high quality MEDECO lock.

We are the exclusive agents for MEDECO products ( in Limousin and neighbouring departments.

We bring you the guarantee and reputation of the world leaders in the field of security.

High security MEDECO locks are recognized A2P by insurance. (A2P is a French classification relating to lock quality. Products with A2P classification, are certified as having a strong level of resistance against burglary.)

MEDECO keys are not reproducible by key cutters giving additional security.

MEDECO products are recognized by professionals for their reliability and their continual product innovations.

MEDECO is the only system currently available that uses the revolutionary mechanical reprogramming system.

In the event of the theft or loss of your system key you can replace the key lost with a new key in less than 30 seconds.

This gives you two further major advantages.

No Time Lost in Getting a New Key Cut

No need to call an emergency locksmith . The system is particularly useful where there are multiple key holders. If a key is lost, providing you can still gain access to the building the lost key can be deactivated. A replacement can then be activated for use. The key is included in the kit and allows for changing the internal combination of the cylinder. The system is mechanic and does not rely on electronic components.
To fully understand this system, please contact us and we will happily arrange for a demonstration.

No Financial Loss

The system removes the need to replace all your lost keys and / or locks.

For complete security once a key for a normal locking system is lost, it is necessary to replace the entire lock but with Medeco you only need to replace the lost key.

With MEDECO products you’ll fine peace of mind in the security, performance and speed of the system all at the most competitive price.

Contact us for more details and a product demonstration

Telephone: 05 55 84 66 89

Mobile: 06 62 47 61 92

E-Mail: [email protected]

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Satisfied Medeco customers in France include

Banque CIC
Societe Generale
SPS Transport de Fonds
Paris University
USA Embassy Paris

*Emergency assistance 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in Corrèze, Western Dordogne and Northern Lot” .

Assistance within 24 hours Dordogne, Lot, Haute Vienne, Correze and Creuse.

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