Compact Filter with Coco Fibre Available in France


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Compact Filter with Coco Fibre Available in France
By Tricel

Looking for a sewage treatment solution for your home in France? Tricel’s Compact filter with coco fibre is a great option to consider for both your primary residence and second home. Here’s what you need to know.

Why choose the Tricel Seta Simplex Compact Filter for your wastewater treatment?

The Tricel Seta range of coconut compact filters allows you to treat wastewater from your home without the need for electricity. Initially designed for second homes, it can also be connected to a main home.

Today, the Tricel range covers all wastewater treatment needs for installations up to 54 Population Equivalent (PE).

The Tricel Seta and Tricel Seta Simplex compact filters are composed of a septic tank and a compact coconut fiber filter bed.

This system is ecological and includes high-quality materials for an increased longevity.

All the tanks are guaranteed for 20 years from the delivery of a certificate of conformity by Tricel’s local partner on. Thanks to its reduced hold on the ground, the Tricel compact filters allows you to reduce, up to 80%, the surface dedicated to wastewater treatment in comparison with a septic tank connected to a conventional percolation area. You do not need to disfigure your land/garden during the installation, and the maintenance is easier.

What Size Should I Choose for my Compact Filter with Coco Fibre?

According to the existing regulations (Decree of March 7, 2012), for individual houses, the sizing of your installation depends on the theoretical capacity of it. We talk about Population Equivalent (or PE). The calculation rule is rather simple: 1 Population Equivalent = 1 Main Room

What is a main room?

It is a room of at least 7 m² with an opening to the outside (door, window) and with a ceiling height of 2.3 m or more.

Tricel’s Compact Filters

Tricel is one of the leading sewage treatment manufacturers in France. It offers a wide range of both microstations (wastewater treatment plants) and compact filters from 1 to 54PE (1 to 9 PE as a single tank, above 9 PE as separate tanks).

All its compact filters with coco fibre comply with NF EN 12566-3 and are CE marked.

Since its system does not need energy to operate, you can obtain the zero interest eco-loan (eco-LZR)* to finance the rehabilitation project of your old domestic wastewater treatment system.

* Find out more about the various grants and subsaries available for your sewage treatment solution.

Need Advice on Sewage Treatment Systems in France?

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Tricel or use the contact form below.

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