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Tricel’s Compact Filters Available In France
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Choosing the right compact filter for your sewage treatment project is not complicated. The evaluation of your initial needs is essential before selecting the filter that is compatible with your home.

Compact filters have been designed for secondary/holiday homes where the occupants are not always present in the house. More generally, the recommendation is to use a compact filter for secondary homes and micro-stations (wastewater treatment plants) for primary residences.

Tricel offers two compact filters:

1.Tricel Seta Simplex, an all-in-one system that pre-treats and treats all wastewater in a single tank.

2. Tricel Seta, a tank containing the media filter, to be placed after an existing septic tank.

Both solutions are approved by the French Ministries of Ecology and Health.

How to Size a Compact Filter for Your Sewage Treatment Project

The rule for dimensioning wastewater treatment systems (including compact filters) in France is rather simple provided that it does not exceed 20 Population Equivalent (PE):

1 Population Equivalent = 1 Main Room

By definition, a main room is a room with a minimum ceiling height of 2.3 m, a floor area of 7 m2 and with an opening to the outside such as a window or a door.

Example: Your house is composed of 2 bedrooms (10 m2 and 14 m2), a living room of 60 m2 and a kitchen of 15 m2. Therefore, the number of main rooms in your home is 4.

Theoretically, the ideal solution for your project is a Tricel Seta Simplex compact filter with a minimum size of 4 PE.

However, to ensure exceptional performance with a longer life of the coir media filter, a 5 or 6 PE equivalent compact filter might be recommended.

This example allows you to get an idea of the size of your system. The expertise of a professional is mandatory to properly size the compact filter according to the specificities of your home.

Read more in our guide to sizing a sewage treatment system.

Focus on the Tricel Seta Simplex, Tricel’s all-in-one solution

The Tricel Seta and Tricel Seta Simplex compact filters are composed of a septic tank and a compact coconut fibre filter bed, although it has to be noted the Tricel Seta Simplex will be an all-in-one solution (one tank only).

Example for how the Tricel Seat Simplex compact filter works:

The Tricel Seta Simplex is ecological and includes high-quality materials for an increased longevity.

All the tanks are guaranteed for 20 years from the delivery of a certificate of conformity by Tricel’s local partner.

Thanks to its reduced hold to the ground, the Tricel compact filters allows you to reduce, up to 80%, the surface dedicated to wastewater treatment in comparison with a septic tank connected to a conventional percolation area. You do not need to “disfigure” your land/garden during the installation, and the maintenance is easier.

Read our full guide to the Seta Simplex.

Which Septic Tank Should I Connect To My Tricel Seta Compact Filter?

The Tricel Seta compact filter consists of at least two tanks, each with a distinct function: the septic tank and the Seta filter bed where the coconut fibre (coir) is located.

The Tricel Seta compact filter should be connected to a septic tank as shown in the illustration above.

The materials used for the septic tank can differ according to your needs, budget and the constraints of your land. Today, there are 3 main families of materials used for the tanks:

  1. concrete, the historical material
  2. PE (or plastic)
  3. and finally, GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic)

Tricel has chosen to only use GRP for its tanks, because this material is known to be robust and has been used for decades in many fields such as water tanks. For septic tanks, we offer all 3 types of materials. You are free to choose one of them if your plot of land allows it (only the design office (bureau d’étude) is able to answer this question).

Tricel Seta and Tricel Seta Simplex compact filters are both eligible for the French government’s eco-LZR (eco-loan at zero rate).

Need Advice on Sewage Treatment Systems in France?

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Tricel or use the contact form below.

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