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David Shoestring headshot

David Shoestring

Former political cartoonist David has a passion for campervans and classic motor cars and loves travelling in France, particularly in Normandy.

Julie Lynn

Julie Lynn

Julie has written for several magazines and now also tutors privately in English and French.

Alan Redpath headshot

Alan Redpath

Alan lived in France for a some years and cultivated a healthy admiration for the curiosities of French culture.

Gareth Thomas

Gareth Thomas

Gareth and his family moved to France 20 years ago after a career in education.

Hillary Davis

Hillary Davis

Cookbook author, food journalist, cooking instructor and blogger.

Cathe Urbanski

Catherine Urbanski

Cathe is a New Yorker who lives in Philadelphia with her French partner.

Nadia Jordan

Nadia Jordan

Nadia lives and works in the Midi-Pyrénées as a property finder.

Rebecca Russell

Rebecca Russell

Based in Nice, Rebecca works for The French Property Finders


Richard Bertinet

Born in Brittany, Richard now lives in Bath and works as a baker and cookery teacher.

Patricia Williams

Patricia Williams

Patricia is a property finder based in the Southern Lot and Quercy.

Paula Maher headshot

Paula Maher

Paula's love affair with France began on a school exchange scheme near Bordeaux. Since then her dream has been to make her home in France.

John Starr headshot

John Starr

John is a property finder based in the Dordogne.

Laura Murat headshot

Laura Murat

Laura is a property finder in Southern Burgundy

Jane Dunning headshot

Jane Dunning

Jane is a committed Francophile and the author of the e-book 'Thirty-five minutes from St-Tropez'. She has stayed in over one hundred places in France since her first visit in 1978.

HEAD SHOT Graham_Welch

Graham Welch

Graham became a committed Francophile while studying in France. He now runs the website A Year in Périgord.com.

HEAD SHOT Graham_Welch

Jill Cowdry

Jill lives in Provence and writes the blog My Dreamy Provence.

annaliza davis

Annaliza Davis

Annaliza works as Agent British, writing, translating and doing voiceovers.

Val Johnstone

Val Johnstone

Val is a retired antiquarian bookseller now living an antiquated life with donkeys, loving France and writing a daily blog.

Alison Turriff

Alison Turriff

Alison lives in the Charente and has recently been elected a municipal councillor.

Tony Stowers

Tony Stowers

Tony Stowers is the author of Past Imperfect, a memoir about living and working in Provincial France and Paris.

Daniel Kearney

Daniel Kearney

Daniel Kearney is a former Headmaster and now a freelance writer. He is an avid Tour de France fan.


Sophia Mose

Based in Aix-en-Provence, Sophia is Director of The French Property Finders network.

Gemma Driver

Gemma Driver

Gemma is a food writer who lives between the Dordogne and the UK.

Val Walmsley

Val Walmsley

Val is a property finder in the Vendée and Deux-Sèvres.

Jacqueline Hanks

Jacqueline Hanks

Jacqueline is a property finder in the South Dordogne.

Helen Aurelius-Haddock

Helen Aurelius-Haddock

Helen has lived in the Poitou Charentes for over ten years and is writing her first book about her experiences living in France.

Jacqueline Davies

Jacqueline Davies

Jacqueline is a property finder for the Île de Ré, La Rochelle and the Vendée.

Barbara Monks

Barbara Monks

Barbara is a cookery teacher with a passion for France and French food.

Linda Welch

Linda Welch

In 1972, Linda fell in love with France and Donny Osmond. Her passion for both remains undiminished to this day.

Doreen Porter

Doreen Porter

After an enjoyable career in journalism, Doreen moved to France six years ago with her husband. She writes on local matters on her website and newsletters.

Julie Whitmarsh

Julie Whitmarsh

Julie lives on Dartmoor, but yearns for France. She loves everything about Provence and hopes to live there one day. She has recently started blogging as 'Vaucluse Dreamer'.

reza garden

Mohammad Reza Amirinia

Amirinia is an engineer and lawyer based in London. He is also a freelance writer and journalist who has a passion for documentary photography.

Toni Sottak

Toni Sottak

Toni moved to Aix-en-Provence for a one-year sabbatical and hasn’t been able to leave yet. She runs a boutique technology and travel PR firm with her husband and is enjoying watching her two daughters master the French language - something that remains elusive to her.


Jacob Russell

Life After Brexit: Bye Bye Beirut

In our Life After Brexit series, we look at how British expats in France are facing life post-Brexit. What are the personal and professional changes and challenges that lie ahead for small businesses, homeowners, and retirees? In our fourth installment, Charlotte Visser

UK EU passport

Life After Brexit: French Hiccups

In our new Life After Brexit series, we look at how British expats in France are facing life post-Brexit. What are the personal and professional changes and challenges that lie ahead for small businesses, homeowners, and retirees? In our fourth installment,

Life After Brexit: Moving to France During a Pandemic

In our new Life After Brexit series, we look at how British expats in France are facing life post-Brexit. What are the personal and professional changes and challenges that lie ahead for small businesses, homeowners, and retirees?  In our third

Selection of popular British condiments-Branson pickle, marmite, etc

Life After Brexit: The Branston Pickle Effect

  In our new Life After Brexit series, we look at how British expats in France are facing life post-Brexit. What are the personal and professional changes and challenges that lie ahead for small businesses, homeowners, and retirees? In our second

Half EU and half Union Jack flag

Life After Brexit: Curry in the Time of COVID

In our new Life After Brexit series, we look at how British expats in France are facing life post-Brexit. What are the personal and professional changes and challenges that lie ahead for small businesses, homeowners, and retirees? In the first of

Father’s day is just around the corner…

Wishing all great Father’s a Happy Father’s Day! It was Mother’s Day in France on Sunday 7th June and Father’s Day is right around the corner. This year the parents in our lives are especially worthy of our appreciation, after

heart in hands, romantic vacations in Paris

An Ode to Romantic French Men

We are all well-versed in the notion that French women don’t get fat. They are also the epitome of chic and have the best, unfussiest hairstyles on earth. With so many articles and books written about the style, elegance, and chicness of

Couple look at Alexander 3rd Bridge and Eiffel Tower Paris France

Valentine’s Day and Romance in France

The French are renowned as a nation of romantics. From the amorous cartoon skunk Pépé le Pew with his overcooked accent to gorgeous actors like Jean Dujardin and Gregory Fitoussi, the romantic ideal often adopts a French accent. And, of

The sea during winter in Brittany

Winter in Brittany

Brittany tends to get overlooked in the winter. It only has one mountain peak, which is the mysterious and magical Menez Hom, but at 381 metres it certainly isn’t the place for a ski resort. Think of Brittany in winter

Eiffel tour in Paris

Thoughts on Returning to Paris

While engaged in a conversation discussing the recent terrorist events in Paris, I was asked if I was going to move forward with my plans to visit France later this year. The question caught me slightly off guard. Of course

Nat and Nin Bags Ii got in Paris (2)

Surviving the Soldes

While Papa Noël, Father Christmas and Santa Claus enjoy a well-needed rest after quite a busy holiday season, an even livelier season is taking hold throughout France: the winter sales! Shop and boutique windows everywhere are displaying the word SOLDES!

Paris at christmas

Memories of a French Christmas

I’m in Paris. It’s evening and the snow is falling. I’m standing before the huge open window in the parlour of the apartment on the Rue des Grands Augustins. I’m gazing at the white lights twinkling on the Eiffel Tower

Metrostation Paris sign

My First Trip to Paris

My first visit to Paris was a remarkable experience, which I will never forget. I booked the Dover-Calais ferry and drove with my wife from London in the cold Christmas weather. We intended to stay until the New Year in

The Calanques

The joys of hiking in France

A combination of one too many pains au chocolat and a desire to explore the countryside around Aix en Provence led me to agree to join a superb group of hardy walkers based out of Aix called the International Hiking


The timeless beauty of Aix-en-Provence

The approach to the town never fails to stir. As you descend into the gentle valley in which this ancient regional capital lies, you sense that something special awaits, the sentinel presence of Mont St Victoire, which looms up over


My village: At home in St-Antonin

I always knew we’d chosen wisely when we bought our house in France, but now everyone can get a flavour of where we live. Our small town, St Antonin Noble Val, is the setting for the recently-released film, The Hundred-foot

Boat in St-Tropez

French Riviera Gem: A Snapshot of St-tropez

David Shoestring heads to the prestigious Riviera village to see how the other half live.  A visit to St-Tropez last year managed both to confound and to exceed expectations. The boats in the harbour may be somewhat grander than of old,

life in the village of Varen, Tarn-et-Garonne

My Village: Loving Life in Tarn-et-garonne

Val Johnstone talks fondly about life in her special corner of Tarn-et-Garonne. I have always been greedy, so can I write about our three villages. We live in the country, on top of the world at Mas del Sol, practically equidistant between

A French school

How to Be a Teacher in France

The weekend that followed was relaxing because I knew at last I had a job that suited and although I was now close to the end of my overdraft, I’d just about be able to dig myself out of debt.

The Hermione Sets Sail in Charente

On Sunday the 7th September 2014 under the scorching sun of an Indian Summer an estimated 50,000 people gathered in Rochefort on the banks of the River Charente. The long anticipated event that drew them there was the departure of

Why do we love Dijon Mustard?

I grew up on mustard and always had it in a simple vinaigrette with oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. The beauty was that the dressing could be made as mild or powerful as us children could stand. I remember that, as a kid,

French tips on pâté de campagne

The French are masters of using cheap cuts of meat which would otherwise be wasted. A traditional pâté de campagne needs good pork meat, fat and liver, and should be well seasoned with good sea salt and black pepper. Use any rough

©Jacqueline Davis, Ma Maison Parfaite

Settling into French life

Working as a property finder, people often ask Jacqueline how easy it is to settle into French life. She finds inspiration in Lynn, who took to her new life in France like a duck to water.

Chocolate Rocks

 I remember a meal I had at a Michelin restaurant in the center of France where, at the very end of the meal, they brought a small tray to the table filled with chocolates, tiny lemony madeleines, and miniature cookies.

Less Style Council, more My Council

As one of the newly elected municipal councillors in a small commune, what kinds of things do we discuss? From school buses, to bins, to verge cutting, to complaints about roads, noise and neighbours, life’s rich tapestry is represented. I

How to get fluent in Franglais

  Un footing, le timing, un people – these are all French words! Of course, they sound English but they have been stolen, or should I say adapted, and mean something completely different in French. Un footing is the word for

French Sauce Names Explained

Ever wondered what the difference is between ‘Béarnaise’ and ‘Périgordine’ sauces? Ever had to ask a waiter and then struggled to understand the complicated response?

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