Boating holidays in France

Your guide to exploring rural France by barge and boat


The Lap of Luxury

Deborah James glides through France’s gastronomic heartland, from Lyon to Avignon, aboard the splendid SS Catherine Lazily admiring the startlingly green Rhône Valley, my eyes unwillingly began to droop as the gentle bobbing motion rocked my stretched out body. This

Top five reasons to visit Avignon

Three hours south of Paris, Avignon holds great treasures that are part of an incredible Christian heritage. Famous worldwide for the children’s song Sur le pont d’Avignon, written about its bridge, the city is also home to many lesser-known marvels.

Sail further, see more with one-way boating holidays

Everyone knows that a self-drive boating holiday is a fun and flexible way of travelling through France but for ultimate flexibility we recommend trying a one-way cruising itinerary. So what is a one-way cruise? Whereas many boating holidays begin and

Discount hotel barge holidays, autumn 2015

A unique opportunity has arisen through FrenchEntrée to book your space on board the luxurious Hotel Barge Saint Louis, at one of the most perfect times of the year for canal cruising – at the start of the autumn this September

5 reasons to visit France d’Outre-Mer

France has four départements, two territories and five collectivités territoires overseas, in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans. Here’s why you should venture to ‘France overseas’…

The joy of French boating

Lovely new boats and endless navigable waterways to explore! Read about the many joys of messing about on a French river (or canal!).

Testing the Waters

From a chic Parisian houseboat rental to a cruise on the UNESCO listed Canal du Midi, France’s waterways offer countless ways to relax and recharge en famille or en couple.

Canoeing holidays in the Ardèche

The southern Ardèche Region in France is a haven for people seeking a more active break, and its impressive gorge makes it ideal for canoeing holidays

Boating safety

Boat licence? If you haven’t got one of these, you won’t get very far on your boating holiday. But that’s not the only important thing to remember before setting off on a cruise of the French waterways.

Boat club trips to France

Owning a canal boat could work out cheaper than hiring one every year and joining a boat owners club could offer you the chance to enjoy regular breaks in France with other members. The independent Wilderness Boat Owners Club (WBOC) has had plenty of Gallic adventures…

History and Heritage in France

France offers an enormous choice of historic regions for boating, with its rivers and canals passing through some of Europe’s finest towns and cities, steeped in history and heritage. From beautiful Baroque castles to magnificent Renaissance châteaux, France’s waterways bear testimony to a rich and colourful past.

French tide times, maps

Access tidal predictions and other useful information such as times of sunrise/sunset, lunar phases and Springs and Neaps data, plus nautical maps and other information to help you prepare for crusing the French coast…

Toulouse to Carcassonne on the Canal du Midi

The Canal du Midi is a 240km long canal in the south of France region locally known as le Midi. The canal runs from Toulouse in the west to Sete in the east, passing some of the region’s most beautiful towns, villages and countryside.

Carcassonne to Beziers on the Canal du Midi

Beziers is certainly worth stopping off at, with its rich and compelling history to explore. The site has been occupied since Neolithic times and rose in prominence when the Romans refounded the city as a new colony for veterans in 36/35 BC.

Beziers to Sète on the Canal du Midi

The canal runs from Toulouse in the West down to the Sete in the East, passing some of the region’s most beautiful towns, villages and countryside, including the Lauragais, the city of Carcassonne and the Minervois.

Water activities in the Pays de la Loire

Take to the water to make the most of the Loire’s magnificent coastline, rivers, canals and lakes.
Burn up some energy on a surfboard, enjoy the exhilaration of a jetski, explore peacefully with canoe-kayaking, catch that big one deep sea fishing, or take it easy and let the chateaux pass you by on a relaxing canalboat…

The Marinas of France

Planning a sailing trip to France? You’ll need to know where you’re heading for each day, so we’ve compiled a list of French Marinas and their contact details…

Canal du Midi Boating Holiday

An introduction to the Canal du Midi, built between 1667 and 1694, which stretches right the way across the middle of the Languedoc-Roussillon, winding through beautiful countryside, vineyards, reservoirs and basins.

The Breton Canals

“Canal boat”Curiously, in a region surrounded on all sides by the sea, river navigation preceded the conquest of the oceans. The Ille-et-Rance canal, which links the English Channel to the Atlantic, …

Sailing in Brittany

“A Breton Marina”The magnificent coast of North West Brittany is very rugged, has at times, very large tides and currents and as far as navigation goes can be very challenging so good …