Pre-schoolers enjoy movement games as well as the opportunity to move freely; gym is one of the favourite classes in their day. A pre-schooler ‘play’ and ability to focus on activities is very different from older children or adults. They need varied activities, which they can focus on for brief periods; it is also essential that they have regular periods of rest built into the lessons. It is imperative to ensure the lessons are fun and that attention is paid to designing exciting and engaging games.

The benefits of gym for pre-schoolers is evident. Through regular physical activity a pre-schooler will stay healthy. It is important that they are given the opportunity to develop their gross motor skills; that they practice and improve skills such as spatial awareness, locomotor, coordination and rhythmic skills. Through regular exercise their ability and confidence will increase as well as their flexibility and strength. They will also practice following instructions, increasing in complexity depending on the age and ability of the child as well as the group.

Gym plays an important role for communication skills, the occasion for pre-schoolers to interact with each other and to improve their social skills. This interaction gives children valuable moments to communicate, cooperate, and to collaborate with one another.

Gym activities are organised both outdoors and indoors taking advantage of different environments and giving opportunity for adult supported and structured play as well as child led spontaneous and unstructured play. Through exploration and investment in varied activities and games children will also develop their social and emotional, cognitive skills and grow in self-confidence.


Gym is an important part of a holistic curriculum. Click here to find out more about the Ebica Preschool Curriculum.


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