Learning English with Les Amis des Chats

Learning English with Les Amis des Chats

The children of Touffailles primary school have really been enjoying their english lessons lately. Over the past four weeks they have been improving their English using ‘Anglais avec les chats’, a unique education programme initiated by the cat charity Les Amis Des Chats.
With the help of Charlie, the cuddly cat soft toy, and other cat related resources, the children have complimented their normal English lessons by using pictures of cats to: identifying different colours, recognise facial expressions, and to understand the use of those expressions combined with body language to portray the feelings and the demeanor of cats. Raising issues regarding cat welfare, the responsibility of pet ownership and embracing compassion contribute to ensuring that the schools objective of learning, using and improving practical English combine with those of Les Amis Des Chats.

The education programme offered has been immensely popular with the children. They all participated in a ‘Cat colouring-in competition’ and became enthralled with a card game centered on the importance of cat population control and neutering. The school has taken cat welfare to heart and have even contributed to the charity’s new ‘Sponsor a cat’ scheme. The class sponsor KIKI a pretty, brain damaged 1 year old cat.
This pilot scheme was made possible due to the generosity of those who attended the AGM of Les Amis Des Chats at the end of February and some resource materials have been generously donated by specialist pet food distributer, Royal Canin, BUT the charity have had many requests to visit other schools. They are eager to continue sharing their English language and specialist cat knowledge but lack the funds to do so. If you feel you can help, please make a donation, either through our website www.les-amis-des-chats.com or by post to Les Amis Des Chats, 82150 Roquecor. You can find full details about our ‘Sponsor a cat’ scheme there too!

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Les amis des chats
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