A recipe from a sumptuous cookbook by Rachael McKenna and Jean-André Charial which celebrates the unique gastronomic offerings and relaxed rituals of midday meals in Provence.


Mousseux au chocolat Grand Cru, craquant au grué de cacao, crème glacée au caramel


Serves 5
For the chocolate froth
3.75g gelatin sheets
250ml milk
100g dark chocolate
For the chocolate mousse
1.25g gelatin sheets
110ml whipping cream, 30 percent fat content
175g dark chocolate, grated (preferably Grand Cru)
4 or 5 egg whites
50g granulated sugar
5 ladyfingers, broken in half, dipped in coffee
100ml strong black coffee
For the cocoa-bean brittle
30g flour
125g granulated sugar
60g cocoa beans, crushed
50ml orange juice
50g butter, melted

caramel ice cream

Chocolate froth

Soak the gelatin in iced water for 20 minutes.
Bring the milk to a boil, then add the gelatin.
Break the chocolate into a bowl, pour the mixture on top, and blend until frothy.
Refrigerate overnight.

Chocolate mousse

Soak the gelatin in iced water for 20 minutes.
Bring the cream to a boil, melt the gelatin into it, then add to the chocolate in a large bowl. Mix together and let the mixture cool.
Beat the egg whites together with the sugar until they form soft peaks.
Gently blend the two mixtures, being careful not to collapse the beaten egg whites.
Divide the mixture into five glasses, placing half a coffee-soaked ladyfinger in the bottom of each glass. Fill half of the glass with mousse, then top with the other half of the ladyfinger.
Refrigerate for 2 hours.

Cocoa-bean brittle

Mix together all the cold ingredients, then carefully add the melted butter. Chill for 1 hour.
Spread on a baking sheet and cook at 360°F–390°F (180°C–200°C) for 8–10 minutes.
When cooled, break into tiles.

To serve, pour the chocolate froth into the glasses, on top of the mousse and ladyfingers. Place a tile of brittle on top of each mousse,along with a scoop of caramel ice cream.


Originally published in FrenchEntrée Magazine

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