Rosemary, thym, basil, savory….

Herbes de ProvenceOne would be hard pressed to find a kitchen in Provence that did not have a stash of Herbes de Provence by the stove. Native to Provence, this mixture of aromatic plants contain rosemary, marjoram, basil, savory and thyme. Many of these plants grow so abundantly in Provence – in particular thyme and rosemary – that a hike along even the most remote of areas will often awaken your senses to their presence.

Usually dried, these herbs are used to flavor grilled fish and meat, although they can also be added to vegetable dishes. The herbs are added before or during the cooking process, and can be mixed with olive oil to infuse and intensify their flavor into the cooked food.

Herbes de Provence are usually sold in fairly large bags here in Provence, but are also commonly sold in tiny quantities for tourists that wish to take them back as gifts or for use themselves. The price of these herbs is considerably lower in Provence than in the rest of the world, where they have also become a popular addition to many a kitchen.

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