A great summer cooler with Gaillac ros

Peach wine – a great summer cooler with Gaillac rosé wine and vanilla pods

Infusing time: 21 days
Makes: 2 litres


1,5 litres Gaillac rosé wine
½ litre of eau-de-vie (fruit brandy)
200g sugar
100 leaves of peach trees (preferably vine peach)
2 vanilla pods
1 cinnamon stick


Clean the leaves and dry them. In a sealed container, let the leaves macerate in the wine, the alcohol, the vanilla, the cinnamon and the sugar. After 21 days, filter and bottle the wine. It can be drunk the following year … if you can wait that long!

High-quality Bourbon vanilla pods which are directly imported from Madagascar can be bought from Lavany in St Juery near Albi in Tarn www.vanillalavany.com. Delicious recipes can also be found on Lavany’s website.

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