Useful books reviewed.

A - Z of French Food This unusual, almost quaint glossary is an indispensable handbook for anyone who is not totally fluent in French. There is always something on the menu which is unfamiliar. That in itself can be an enjoyable gastronomic adventure, but if you’d rather know before you order, or would like to find out for sure when you get home, The A – Z of French Food is there to help. In addition to translations, it includes explanations of the origins of words and dishes. Such as a ‘huitre belon’, and the helpful tip that French rissoles are very different to the British (and in what way).

This small, very portable and completely comprehensive book is makes eating out and buying food in France much clearer, and also provides an interesting foodie education. It does not have a section of English words and dishes translated into French, but then if you are in France it makes more sense to try French dishes, rather than attempting to ask for a “full English” (Un anglais qui a trop mangé)…

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