brioche au beurre

Breton baker Richard Bertinet offers his take on brioche loaves

“Brioche is a rich white bread made with an enriched dough containing milk, cream or crème fraîche. The best brioche dough is left overnight, as it needs a long fermentation. It should have a dark crust on the outside and be really buttery inside.

You find brioche with all sorts of toppings and fillings – different regions have their own versions, such as brioche Nanterre. The recipe’s not set in stone, but a sweet viennoisserie dough is more versatile and less expensive than others. Brioche is full of butter and eggs, so a Sunday morning treat and not something you’d eat every day. 

You could also try brioche with mushrooms in a cream sauce, use it to make a bread and butter pudding or even a posh croque monsieur.”


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