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Image not found.Sweet Peas – Les Pois de Senteurs

These are one of my favourites to grow in the garden – they smell gorgeous, are easy to grow, and are fantastic cutting flowers too. The advantage being the more you cut the more flowers reappear.

You can sow directly into the growing site at this time of year, but I always prefer to plant them in a pot first and then transfer them – I’ll leave it up to you. Sow 2-3 seeds per 10cm pot about 13mm deep. Plant into the ground once they have reached about 6cm-7cm in height.

Image not found.Grow them up trellis, or one of the expanding wigwam type structures you can buy now – they look great once covered with sweet peas. Another way is to create a similar structure with canes as you would runner beans where you create an “X” shape with pairs of canes fairly closely spaced in a long line with a line of canes sitting in the niche where the canes join. This is difficult to explain, so have done you a diagram below.

Image not found.Nasturtiums jewel dwarf – Les Capucines Bijou Naine Double Variee (Royal Fleur)

These are another favourite and give a lovely splash of colour and if you’re lucky will self seed themselves again the following year. As mentioned above, Royal Fleur do a good range of seeds, which you can get from most garden centres in Brittany – the above variety is the one I’ve bought for this year. They have instructions in English too, which can be useful.

Again like sweet peas these can be grown straight into a prepared seedbed outside, but I prefer to sow them in pots first. Sow 2 – 3 seeds per 10cm pot and cover the seeds with 2-3 times their height in soil – press the soil very lightly on top of the seeds. Keep lightly watered to aid germination and plant out when seedlings reach about 7cm in height.

•With thanks to Miranda Bell

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