Some common terms used in French insurance:

Agents généraux agents who only sell policies for one company

Courtier d’assurances agents who sell policies from a number of companies

Agent d’assurance insurance agent

L’assuré policy holder

Catastrophes naturelles natural disasters

Dégat des eaux water damage

Incendie fire

Responsabilité civile propriétaire civil liability insurance

Une assurance automobile vehicle insurance

Déclaration de vol police form that needs to filled in after a theft

Contrat assurance multirisques habitation or assurance multirisques vie privée or la multirisque building and contents insurance

Valeur vénale current market value

Franchise excess

Assurance dommages-ouvrage insurance needed when building

Au tiers third party only

Au tiers illimité or tiers complet third party fire and theft

Tous risques comprehensive cover

Bonus-malus no claims bonus

Attestation d’assurance proof from your insurance company showing you have insurance

Constat amiable d’accident motor accident report sheet

Résiliation cancellation letter

Assurance scolaire school insurance

Attestation d’assurance scolaire proof of school insurance

Assurance décès life insurance

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