Nothing typifies France more than the fabulous cuisine and the romantic sound of the language. So, we thought why not combine the two? As our happy clients will testify we aim to provide you with fantastic immersion French courses that also give you the opportunity to take away the art of French cuisine as well as countryside walks to enable you to explore the local region.

The week-long courses are conducted by professional native teachers in a relaxed atmosphere and you can decide on a one-to-one basis or small group up to six. We have an extensive range of week-long courses ranging from French and cooking, wine, cheese, pastry, lifestyle or chocolate courses. It is all about the love of presentation and those extra details that give your dishes that special something. You can decide on a level from beginner to advanced. Our chef’s imagination has led him to invent some delicious dishes that will enchant your palate and delight your friends at your next dinner party.

Accommodation, classes and meals are all provided on-site and are included in the weekly rate. Guests are accommodated in one of nine bedrooms, each with its own private bathroom. For an economical option, we offer an alternative lodging with local host families.

We’re French owned and operate from Villa Beaulieu in Grand Roanne near the Loire River, in the south-east of France. The famous Burgundy and Beaujolais wine areas are close by, as is Lyon, the gastronomic capital of France. Meals prepared by our in-house Chef include regional produce and are informal, sociable affairs. They are taken with teachers and fellow students and are conducted in French. Living and studying on-site allows our guests to focus and advance quickly. This successful technique of immersion proves itself week after week. It’s time to put your language skills into practice.

So, get in contact and we will delight in designing the perfect week for you.

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