If you wish to work on your French language skills on a course not solely geared to an academic syllabus, we can provide fabulous programmes with native French teachers, in beautiful locations around France. There are specific French Over 50 Courses in Nice, Montpellier and Antibes, tailored to teach day to day language needs and to provide an interesting and enriching cultural holiday. Alternatively there are adult orientated French courses in Aix-en-Provence, Tours and Paris which we know from past experience work really well for adult learners and offer comfortable learning environments and pleasant accommodation. If you’re looking to improve your French language skills but want to add a little something extra to your course experience, here are some fabulous additional classes to tempt you.

You can paint, horse ride or hike, join a wine appreciation or cookery programme in addition to your French course, and the French and Surfing programme is always a favourite option with students from Easter to early October. We also provide long term academic programmes (leading to nationally recognised exams) and French courses for younger learners on Gap Year, Easter or Summer teenage programmes, perfect for high school students.

Last summer a mother in her 50s and her daughter, in her 20s spent two week Summer course in Aix-en-Provence

Yvonne (mother) shared her thoughts:

Loved all aspects of our course – French in Aix-en-Provence – teachers very welcoming and helpful – classes catered to different abilities so never felt out of our depth too much – loved interaction and conversations being in French which took us out of our comfort zone – we organised our own accommodation so can’t comment on that – were very pleased with the language school itself – it was not too large so felt comfortable and welcoming, particularly liked the two outdoor areas, perhaps a little more shade though!!! – front desk staff were really nice, so helpful – my daughter really liked the language games played on our final day and I liked the listening work as I find the French accent difficult to follow in everyday rapid conversation. Would definitely recommend this experience.

Alice followed a one week private course in Nice:

I didn’t know what to expect as I had never been on a language course before and had never been to that part of France. I didn’t think my French language would improve much in 1 week and I thought the course would be mainly revision. My expectations were more than met – they were surpassed! I was amazed at how much I learned in just 1 week. Not only was my existing French refreshed but I learnt new grammar as well. The lessons at the French language school in Nice were excellent, my teacher was very enthusiastic and my understanding of French improved. I felt very comfortable at the school, the teachers were approachable and the location was good. The best parts were the amount of French I learnt and being able to have conversations with my host family. Definitely recommend living with hosts as an accommodation option. Living in Nice was also a bonus. CESA were very helpful and efficient. The most memorable moments were the evenings out in Nice with friends and days on the beach. Good times.

Georgina followed a one week, Easter Teenage Course in Antibes:

I had a wonderful week! Antibes was a beautiful location to practise my French and learn about the culture of the region, and the weather and Côte d’Azur itself were massive parts of making it so enjoyable (I happily spent almost all of my free time outside)

Lila was crazy but so much fun! I loved her lessons; they had the perfect balance between grammar instruction and difficult listening exercises VS interesting conversations about similarities/differences between France and our countries and even some debates about deep moral issues such as euthanasia! The main thing for me was that she encouraged us all to speak, so I got properly involved and I believe my spoken French and confidence have improved hugely as a result 🙂

The language school was in a good location with stunning views from the terrace of miles of coastline and mountains.

With decades of experience to draw on CESA Languages can ensure you have a high quality, linguistically fruitful and truly enjoyable time, improving your French, in France. CESA Languages Abroad was established in 1980 and since then we have arranged language courses abroad for thousands of people, of all ages and linguistic abilities (from beginners to very advanced students with specialised needs). We know all our language schools personally and have worked with the majority of them for very many years. Whatever your query, we can draw on a wealth of expertise to guide you to the most appropriate language course for your needs.



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