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French verb focus: falloir

The French verb falloir is an unusual verb as it exists in the third person singular only, with ‘il’, meaning it. The general meaning would be ‘it is necessary’, but sometimes we can translate it as ‘we must’. It is an irregular verb.

French dictionary

Getting to grips with the French language

Learning the language is an essential step for anyone moving permanently to France. Sarah Weston tells us about her French language lessons which resulted in her father getting expelled!

French dictionary

How to remember French vocabulary

Learning French can be a daunting process, whether at the outset or whether you have been learning for years, and one major challenge is acquiring the vocabulary and increasing your vocabulary. Here are some excellent tips to help you to retain what you have learnt.

French dictionary

Don’t say this in France! Language faux pas

In French even the most subtle of grammatical or pronunciation errors can cause amusement, consternation or embarrassment. Here are some to watch out for – drawn from the personal experiences of those who learnt the hard way!

French dictionary

French glossary: first day at school

Over the first few weeks of our children’s being thrown into the deep end of French primary schooling, we found some of the following to be important! Our six year old was put into nursery (maternelle), when she had already been to English Reception class, and she spoke not a word for a full eight weeks…

How to say sorry in French

Learning French: How to say ‘sorry’ in French

To say sorry in French, it is possible to say pardon, désolé, je regrette, and more, but you might wish to know how to be more emphatic for more specific occasions, such as when hearing really bad news. Here we give you some useful examples which will help you in dozens of everyday situations.