Receiving and Entertaining

Receiving and Entertaining

Verbe recevoir – to receive

Recevoir is a verb with a good deal of irregularities and so needs considerable attention. It means to entertain people (in the sense of inviting them) as well as to receive in the ordinary sense.


Je reçois – I receive, I am receiving
Tu reçois – you receive, you are receiving (sing.fam.)
Il reçoit – he/it receives, he/it is receiving
Elle reçoit – she/it receives, she/it is receiving
Nous recevons – we receive, we are receiving
Vous recevez – you receive, you are receiving (
Ils reçoivent – they receive, they are receiving (m.)
Elles reçoivent – they receive, they are receiving (f.)

(sing.fam.) – singular, familiar
( – polite, plural


J’ai reçu – I have received, I received, I did receive
Tu as reçu – you have received, you received, you did receive
Il a reçu – he/it has received, he/it received, he/it did receive
Elle a reçu – she/it has received, she/it received, she/it did receive
Nous avons reçu – we have received, we received, we did receive
Vous avez reçu – you have received, you received, you did receive
Ils/Elles ont reçu – they have received, they received, they did receive


Je recevrai un colis la semaine prochaine. – I will receive a parcel next week.
Tu recevras une lettre de ma part. – You will receive a letter from me.
Il recevra ta réponse demain. – He will receive your reply tomorrow.
Elle recevra de bonnes nouvelles. – She will receive some good news.
Nous recevrons nos amis vendredi soir. – We will receive our friends on Friday evening.
Vous recevrez beaucoup d’invitations. – You will receive a lot of invitations.
Ils recevront un cadeau bientôt. – They will receive a present soon.
Elles recevront beaucoup de courrier. – They will receive a lot of mail.


Je recevais de ses nouvelles tous les jours. – I used to receive news of him every day.


Je recevrais du monde chez moi si j’avais un grand salon. – I would receive people at home if I had a large sitting-room.


reçois – receive
recevons – let’s receive
recevez – receive


Je doute qu’il reçoive des gens chez lui. – I doubt that he receives people at home.

Elizabeth Allen
March 2007

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