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* Graines Baumaux: good range of flowers, vegetables and herbs, as well as gardening implements. Delivery to all of France Graines Baumaux; Tel: 03 83 15 86 86

* Thompson & Morgan: French branch of the British company. Delivery to all of France.Thompson & Morgan; Tel 01 60 07 91 48

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* Glossary of Gardening and Horticultural Terms, French-English and English-French; by Alan S Lindsey (Hadley Pager Information)

* The Royal Horticultural Society range of books cover every possible topic. Particularly useful are:

* Gardening Throughout The Year; by Ian Spence (Dorling Kindersley)

* Pruning & Training; by Christopher Brickell and David Joyce (Dorling Kindersley)

Also useful are:

* Shrubs, part of The Hillier Gardener’s Guides; by Andrew McIndoe (David and Charles)

* Grow your own cut flowers; by Sarah Raven (BBC Books)

* Wildlife Friendly Plants; by Rosemary Creeser (Collins & Brown)

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