Chateau du Savon: Bringing Natural French Soaps to the UK



Chateau du Savon: Bringing Natural French Soaps to the UK

It has been a very challenging 18 months for everyone, however, there have also been some fabulous examples of human kindness, as well as people coming together and supporting each other in new and different ways, and adapting to new ways of working and living.

Our business started in markets and events, but sadly that side of the business has been forced to take a backseat, so all of our effort and energy has gone into providing these much loved French products online. However, we do not want to be just another ‘faceless’ online business—instead, we want to become accessible for everyone.

Interaction and communication with our customers is critical to us, and we aim to maintain that same personal touch and connection online. Part of our online philosophy is always to stay as close to you, our customers, as we can. So, we will always try to answer you ourselves and maintain the human touch that we believe is so essential.

Both my wife Liese and I have been travelling to France on an annual basis since we were teenagers—a long time ago!—and buying French Soaps. So, once the opportunity came along for us to do something different, we made the leap to create this business now known as Chateau du Savon. That was over 3 years ago, now.

Prior to this, we both had successful corporate careers in the fast-moving consumer goods market, working with major brands and fabulous companies. All of that retail experience has helped us immensely with the development of this business and our overall aim—to bring French products to the people that love them so dearly.

These beautiful French soaps can be very hard to find in the UK and they are even rarer after Brexit. Whether you are a long-standing customer or discovering them for the first time, we have always tried to keep the same type of deal you would find in a French Market. These are luxury soaps, but we believe that they should be affordable and accessible for everyone.

These soaps also fit with our strong eco ethos, which is the same reason we don’t sell products in plastic bottles. We are always looking to expand our range with zero-waste solutions. Our mission is to help our customers remove plastic and wasteful products from their daily lives. We have now built a wide range of premium quality, eco-friendly accessories and with well over 300 lines, we have something for everyone!

The heart of our business is our customers and we are very grateful to have had over 3,300 5-star reviews.  We are delighted to have put so many smiles on faces this last year and to have been able to bring a little joy during these dark days! We also love to provide what we call “random acts of human kindness”, for example, surprising you when you least expect it with free soaps, free deliveries, or money back!

Purchase French Soaps in the UK With Chateau du Savon

Chateau du Savon have a range of 100% natural Savon de Marseille soaps, as well as a wide range of skincare, exfoliants, haircare, and household products, all packaged with fully recyclable cardboard and paper materials. Gift packs are available and postage is free in the UK when you spend more than £20.

Visit the Château du Savon website to make your order now.


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