UK Internet from France Without a VPN? Here’s How

UK Internet from France Without a VPN? Here’s How

If you are moving to France, whether permanently or just for more holidays, you’ll probably want to stay in contact with the UK. You may need to work, want to surf UK websites, or just watch the latest episodes of your favourite TV shows. But be aware that since 2019, digital access to the UK from overseas is no longer guaranteed; even your own PC can bar your access. If you’re in France and want to connect to the UK Internet, be prepared for your computer to say “NON”!

Thankfully, if you find your chosen website is barred and behind the infamous Brexit Wall, there’s help available.

3 solutions to look at are:

  • a VPN
  • a Remote UK connection service (e.g. UKSofa)
  • a UK broadband service with a Travelling Router (e.g. UBBand)

You can travel overseas, but post-Brexit, UK Streaming sites can’t!

When available in one EU state, a streaming service, such as Netflix, must be accessible from any other EU location. Because Brexit isolated the UK from the EU, if you now want to watch your UK streaming services, you must be in the UK. Free-to-Air live services, such as BBC, ITV and other terrestrial channels, are also coming under increased scrutiny. Those pro-access say they perform a public service and must remain available, but the TV companies don’t agree, saying that allowing overseas use can make it difficult for them to purchase content. Moves to ask the courts to decide have already started, but the best advice, for now, is to be prepared.

Live in France. Work in the UK.

When working from home in France, call someone in the UK, and most will assume you’re next to the pool. As jealously is bad for business, you hide your number. But did you know that every communication from any digital device also reveals your location? The IP address from your device is fixed by your local Broadband provider, which can cause problems as many UK websites now only admit visitors showing genuine UK internet addresses. Again, it’s easy to fix, but it’s best sorted before you make that first contact and give your new customer that valuable first impression of your business.

How to be in France yet join the internet in the UK

To avoid problems connecting to UK websites when using French Broadband, you’ll need to have a UK IP address. There are three ways you can obtain that address:

  1. Buy a ‘disguise’ to give your overseas location a false UK address (i.e. a VPN)
  2. Open a UK internet account that offers a remote access service (i.e. UKSofa)
  3. Take your UK home’s internet router with you when you travel. Yes, it really is possible with a new UK-based service called UBBand.

1. The Disguise: Use a VPN.

There are many VPNs available, and they are simple to use, start at a low cost, and some even provide a free monthly data allowance. VPNs were primarily designed for security and privacy yet have recently been repurposed as a method of disguising your identity to allow border hopping into other countries.

VPN disadvantages:

  • Simultaneous multiple device use can be restricted or costly.
  • Continuous connectivity is never guaranteed.
  • All VPNs use up a chunk of your available Broadband speed.
  • Your allocated IP address will also be used by others and frequently change.
  • Streaming/TV sites eventually recognise your false address and will disconnect you.

With VPNs, the basic rule is you get what you pay for. If the service level is fine for your purpose, then stick with it, but never expect problem-free uninterrupted viewing.

2. UK internet with Remote Access

Open a UK-based internet account with remote overseas access. It’s a new concept that started in 2019 with a service called UKSofa.

Based in the UK, UKSofa’s design objective was simple. “If you can view a website when sitting on a Sofa in the UK, then by using a UKSofa box, you have precisely the same viewing experience from anywhere; just as if you were still in the UK”.

Every UKSofa comes with:

  • A unique fixed-for-life UK Static IP (v4) address.
  • Multi-device licence.
  • Zero speed reduction.
  • Full remote performance monitoring.

All for a daily cost of around €0.53

Whereas VPNs live offshore, UKSofa accounts are true UK-based broadband accounts, just the same as the Broadband sold by providers (known as ISPs) such as BT, TalkTalk or Sky. The difference is that a UKSofa account can only be accessed remotely via a UKSofa box

A UKSofa box works by asking your local (French) broadband provider/ISP to connect you directly to your new UKSofa broadband account in the UK, from where you then connect to the websites of your choice. This pre-web connection routing means you really do connect to all web locations from the UK, so the connection is always guaranteed, and, whether you are at your UK desk or by your “pool” in France, you’ll always show a genuine UK IP address. Brilliantly simple!

To use UKSofa, you must first open an account with them ( The account comes with the free provision of their small router box, which you connect to your existing French router. It’s all designed to be Plug’n’Play, and if there’s no local internet, a 4G version is also available.

Every UKSofa Box has 3 ethernet sockets for cabled connections and a WiFi Network to which you can connect numerous devices. For large or rural properties with their thick walls, they also work with most powerline adaptors, range extenders and access point mesh system

3. UK Home/Office Internet account + Travelling Router


UBBand’s Universal Travelling Router is a brand-new solution from the same design team behind the UKSofa.

Based on a 4G mobile data router (or an optional dual fixed line/4G router) it can be used as your main UK broadband and can also be used when you’re overseas. Very helpfully, just like a UKSofa, it’s packed with premium features and designed to always show a unique UK Fixed IP address every time you connect, both in the UK and also overseas.

Whatever your choice; VPN, Remote Access or a Travelling UK Router,  there’s now never a reason to let any customer know you’re not in the UK and certainly not by the poolside!

Contact information

UKSofa :


Contact: [email protected]

Phone: 01202 367292 (UK) 01 86 26 05 78 (Fr)


Website: (launching late summer 2022)

Contact: [email protected]

Phone: 01202 367292 (UK) 01 86 26 05 78 (Fr)

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