Running a business in France

Setting-up a business in France

The first thing to do when planning to be self-employed, is to seek professional advice. But to help you on your way David Hammond, a successful small businessman in Burgundy, who runs Burgundy Discovery which offers personal guided wine tasting tours, gives his advice on getting started.

Running a Small Business in France

After living here in France for nearly 4 years building up our gîte business, the time had come to look for another opportunity, but what? We needed something flexible enough to fit in with the gîtes but still give us the quality of life we had come here for…

Starting Your Own Business in France

When my husband and I decided to come to France for a year in September 1999, we had no idea that five years later we would have a Galerie de Peinture, in Saint Antonin Noble Val, and that Tom would have a book published in English & French …