Are you looking to live and work in the French Alps? Would you like to run your own business without having to cook a 4-course meal and make beds every day?

Running an independent airport transfer company is a great option if you’re looking to live in the Alps, and being your own boss will offer the flexibility to enjoy the incredible lifestyle on offer in this area of France.

If you’ve never been involved in the industry, it may seem a daunting prospect to set up a transfer business from scratch. So now Ski-Lifts, one of the leading airport transfer providers in Europe, is offering support and training to anyone wanting to start their own transfer business.

Their Access programme provides new transfer operators all the tools, know-how and contacts they need to set up their business in France. Once the business is up and running it becomes a Ski-Lifts Network Partner, meaning the company is able to receive priority bookings from the Ski-Lifts platform in their area of operations – a huge help while you establish your new brand!

The airport transfer industry has expanded rapidly in recent years, and is continuing to grow as more and more people become aware of this option. Benefits for the customers include a range of transfer types at competitive prices, and service levels far higher than those offered by other transport options. While in some areas the market has become very competitive, there are still many opportunities for growth and niche areas yet to be developed.

What’s more, for anyone looking for year-round work, there are further opportunities available as a Network Partner of Ski-Lifts’ summer brand, Sea-Lifts.



The basic requirements for any new airport transfer company are:

  • Company registration
  • Operating licence
  • Vehicle(s)


These are all steps where Ski-Lifts can advise and provide local contacts to ensure all the required formalities have been completed correctly.


For anyone who thinks this could be of interest to them, now is the time to get things moving, in order to have everything completed and in place in time for the start of the winter ski season in December.


Want to learn more? A member of the Ski-Lifts will be happy to speak to you further about Access, with no obligation on your part to sign up.

Tel: +33 (0)7 68 07 58 51

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