Starting your French telephone and broadband journey

France is a big country and your search may take you to several places before you settle on your preferred location. French Entrée has great advice on structuring your property search so you can get the most out of your property hunt. Keeping in touch with the immobilier you use and being able to view their properties on line whilst staying at a small hotel or Gite may be difficult and costly. We have built a package that may be just what you need.

UKT’s Survival pack

This is a discounted set of assets that keep you in touch wherever you are in France. Not everyone will need all of it so the items can be purchased separately, but here is what you can buy to get the best out of your time:


Product Price  UK Post* Fr Post*
25€ SIM 25 € 1.82 € 4.55 €
Dual SIM Mobile 20 € 6.00 € 11.50 €
Hot Spot (including 1Gb data SIM) 69.99 € 6.00 € 11.50 €

*Signed for delivery


**** When purchasing all three products, quote "FrenchEntrée Property Offer" and save 19.50€ for delivery in the UK, or 12.00€ for delivery to France ****


Avoiding an internet black hole – the smart way to start your property search:

Internet access is so important to most that properties without access will cost less than similar ones with a good broadband service. They will also stay on the market longer and are usually in areas where there are fewer commercial activities such as shops and restaurants. If this does not matter to you and the mobile coverage is sufficient to meet your expected broadband needs without being too expensive you might pick up a bargain.

However, if you want a good broadband service you should consider searching your preferred locations before you set off to France. There are several web sites that will show the general broadband speed for the localities or communes you are considering. These web sites change from time to time, so we offer a free test of the availability of broadband for anyone wanting this information. We do this while they wait on the phone, so it is quick, easy and up to date. There is no obligation to use us and we do not ask for any personal details.

Of course, in towns and urban areas it is almost certain that broadband will be available. The indicated speed will be faster than the speed when in use as the service is ‘contended’, meaning that access is shared with others nearby.

In general, there is no speed advantage between different broadband suppliers as the speed of the service is a product of the distance between the local exchange and the property you are considering. UKTelecom has partners with SFR which is the second largest communications company in France and a leader in the development of new services.



France is part way through a major investment in its telecom network infrastructure, with fibre replacing copper cables in cities, towns and nearby urban areas. If available, you may want to consider subscribing to it. Whilst it is more expensive the faster speeds also bring with them access to TV programmes and pay per view premium services.

If on the other hand your desired location is not serviced by the ‘degroupage total’ broadband service, where calls go over the broadband service you should be able to subscribe to a 4G service. This is where your modem is connected to the mobile telephone network through a 4G box and this will carry your calls as well.

For a small number even this slower service will not be available and they will only have the option of a satellite service. This will be more expensive as the equipment needed has to be purchased and the service comes with data limits, so compares unfavourably with the normal unlimited access from a traditional service.

Bob Elliott is the Commercial Director at UKTelecom. He’s an expert in telephone networks and broadband and knows how to get the best from any service.

Tel: France (free): 0805 631632 – UK: +44 (0) 1483 477100

[email protected]

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