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Nearly all telephone lines in France carry broadband, indicating just how important this service is in our connected world.  However finding out the true speed of broadband available in the area where you are searching to buy a home should be something you do, or even better, ask a trusted telecom company to do for you.

General search

Having settled on a general locality for your intended property, you can go to the website which maps the whole of France. There you just need to enter the area or commune where you are looking. You can then see what speeds are available, shown in a simple colour-coded form making it easy to dismiss areas where coverage is not available.  This will help you focus on properties with a minumum acceptable service. But it doesn’t stop there. That only gives you a general area.

Specific search

Once you have found your ideal property visit and insert the telephone number at the property.  This will give you the optimistic reading of the fastest speed on the line. The results relates to the distance between the local exchange and the property.  As the service is ‘contested’, meaning that more than one user will have access to the service at the same time, the real speed that you would experience on a daily basis can be slower.

If the results show a speed of 0.5Mb the line will not support broadband. If the speed is 2Mb or faster you can choose the dégroupage total  service that will carry your calls over broadband and you will not have to pay line rental which will mean a big saving in monthly line rental fees.



Expert search

UKtelecom can do these tests for you while you wait on the phone, and we will interpret the results as well. In addition, we can let you know if there are any upgrades planned for your local exchange that would improve the service. Otherwise you could be turning down a perfectly good property because of the internet service at the time you are making an offer, when a new fast broadband connection could be just two months away by the time you complete the purchase.

Don’t forget that if you want to use the wifi facility your devices connected this way will be slower than if connected with an ethernet cable. Speeds can also be reduced if there are several customers in the area also using Wifi, causing congestion. We also regularly help our customers through the procedure to change Wifi channels to maximize the speed available.

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