Added Extras – the services that you can opt into that can be carried by your broadband


The digital world has come a long way in a short time. Well, it seems only a short time that we had to put up with unbelievably slow ‘dial-up’. Now you can get many TV stations, Pay Per View and other premium services as added services. Not all companies offer the same, and with some you would need a fibre broadband service. So, if you would like to have these services delivered in this convenient way here are some of the choices that are on offer at the time of writing this.

UKTelecom, being a specialist provider in France for English speaking customers offers two services that will be of interest to some. The first is a free service that ‘translates’ your French telephone number into a low-cost UK number. You pass this number to friends and family who can use it to call you at a much lower cost than using a standard land line service. The savings on a 10-minute call are substantial. Our customers pay just 3p per minute from a BT landline for example compared to BT’s connection charge of 12p and then 40p per minute. This does not affect the way your French number works and the only difference someone using this number will notice is that they will get an English ring tone rather than a French one. There is no contract to sign by you or those who would like to make savings using this service.


UKTelecom also offers access to UK catch-up TV programmes. That is any programmes that you can watch over the internet whilst in the UK, and that are blocked when in France. There is a basic service that connects to a PC and costs just 5€ for the set-up and 1€per month for up to 15Gb. There is a premium service that connects to TVs and remote controllers can be used to change channels. This costs 86.50€ for the router (that connects to our modem) and following a three month free trial period 6.99€/month.


The main French companies offer access to French TV and other additional services. Here are some examples to give you a feel for the market:




Bob Elliott is the Commercial Director at UKTelecom. He’s an expert in telephone networks and broadband and knows how to get the best from any service.

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