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  • KER-POW UKTV – A great new catch-up TV service that plays through your TV and uses its remote control.
  • Gives free access to BBC iPlayer and similar favourites as well as access to pay to view films and paid for programmes by the event or week.
  • Works with any broadband service of 2Mb or faster.
  • Suspend the service when not needed.
  • First three months viewing FREE, then just 6.99€pm.
  • Money back guarantee, just return equipment at the end of the FREE period for a full refund.
  • 100% of customers that took part in our field trials have decided to keep the service.

Specially designed for owners of second homes abroad as it can be suspended, this is a great way to catch up with your favourite programmes such as Game of Thrones when you are away. Programming is streamed via any broadband service with 2Mb speed or faster and only requires our router (86.00€) if you have a smart TV. If you do not have one you will also need our NowTV Box (29.50€).

It comes with a 10TB monthly data allowance – more than enough to meet dedicated viewers’ needs.

A NEW Prepaid Mobile SIM With A Big Difference
Get connected from just 18.95€ post free


  • Uses the Orange network for best coverage but at a fraction of the cost.
  • Top up on line in English, and keep your credit until used – a big plus.
  • Dual SIM mobiles, mobile Wi-Fi hotspot hardware allowing you to connect up to 10 devices, and more now available.
  • Essential for French home owners as most utility companies will not call international mobiles.

UK TVGiving the best national coverage but at a fraction of the cost of calls charged by the major French mobile providers makes this an irresistible offer.

This map shows the coverage for an area popular with our customers and it compares very favourably with the other major mobile companies. The darker the colour the stronger the signal.

Delivered to your door in the UK or France, the SIM is ready to use in any unblocked mobile handset. Topping up could not be easier with an English language web site accepting any international credit card.

Unlike some companies who remove any remaining credit if you do not top up every month, your credit remains until you use it. The only cost is 0.90€ per month to keep an unused SIM account active.

In addition to keeping your credits, just see how UKTelecom compares with the rest!


Bob Elliott, Commercial Director at UKTelecom, said “Our English speaking customers have different needs than the general French population. These two new services address the special requirements of second home owners and those who want a value for money mobile service. We constantly review a range of new products and have added these services to others that are just not available from other companies in France.”

For more information call +44 (0) 1483 477100, or free from France 0805 631632. Email: Website

UKTelecom has been offering services in France since 2003. Its customers are located all over France and enjoy a range of services not offered by other telecom companies such as:

  • Managing new line installations.
  • Accepting payment in Sterling or Euros.
  • Translating their French telephone number to a low cost UK number saving their friends and family when calling them.
  • A free customer care phone number to call for all their needs.
  • Access to a wealth of technical knowledge on all aspects of French telephone and satellite services available in English.

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