Châteaux For Sale

FrenchEntrée offers a wide selection of châteaux estates and castles for sale across France. Whether you are searching for a small château to renovate or a grander estate, perhaps with a commercial venture in mind, then we will be able to assist. Our partner network includes specialist châteaux agents, an essential factor to ensure that you have all the resources required when considering such a large scale purchase. Some châteaux sales are not always widely marketed online and may also be listed under confidentiality clauses, therefore with our coverage network we will be able to scour the market to maximise your property selections.  

There are a wide variety of architectural styles when it comes to châteaux in France including the classic Renaissance style, typical of the Loire Valley region, and medieval Knights Templar castles in the Occitanie, particularly in the Cathar country of the Languedoc-Roussillon. Although highly sought-after and increasingly rare to find on the market, we do also take on châteaux renovation projects.



Châteaux For Sale

Bath 1
Bed 7
Acres 2 ha
Bath 1
Bed 15
Acres 7.13 ha
Bath 1
Bed 5
Acres 1260 m2
Bath N/A
Bed 18
Acres 2.66 ha
Bath 1
Bed 7
Acres 2.6 ha
Bath 2
Bed 6
Acres 16.87 ha
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  • It is important to establish financing options early if you are reliant on a mortgage to purchase. French banks can be wary about lending against large scale properties, especially if there is a commercial activity associated with the property. Research your eligibility and options here
  • Consider the budget you have for renovations if needed. As a rule you should factor in spending anything from €700 to €1500 per square metre.
  • Be aware of the role of the SAFER (Société d'Aménagement Foncier et d'Établissement Rural) when purchasing large scale estates. They are a government agricultural body and have the right to prempt the sale of a property with over one hectare of land. 
  • Ensure plenty of time to spend viewing as these sizeable properties can come with numerous outbuildings and land and require considerably more time to visit than your average property.
  • Aside from potential structural repairs and renovation costs, you should also consider the annual running expenses of such properties. If you are thinking of running rentals then this can be a good way to help the property pay for itself.

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