Taste of the Terroir: Alsace

Every region of France has a unique personality and Alsace is no different: more pork is consumed here than anywhere else in the country, fried carp and chips is the norm and its speciality foods have a distinctly German flavour.

Taste of the Terroir: Lorraine

There’s more to Lorraine than its famous quiche, which would struggle to contain all the smoked meats and cheeses typical in this part of France. The region’s mountains, forests and vineyards all contribute to the local gastronomy.

Events Listing for Alsace-Lorraine

Join the locals in celebrating the heritage of this region and its regional delicacies at events across Alsace and Lorraine. From January’s Fête de la Montagne to December’s Fête Saint Nicolas, you’ll be spoiled for choice!

Learn French in Kaysersberg, Alsace

French Moments runs an intensive French course in Alsace. Compared to more southerly regions, such as Provence or Périgord, it receives fewer visitors from English speaking countries. But Alsace has lots to offer…

Running an online shop from Alsace

Hayley Flurer from South Africa moved to Strasbourg in November 2009 and discovered a novel way of earning a living (and meeting new people) even before she had mastered the language. The best bit is that anyone can join in, anywhere in France.

Alsace Lorraine Property

Property Guide – North East France

If you don’t want a long journey to your French bolthole, it makes sense to buy closer to home. Thanks to the Channel Tunnel and improved fast roads, British buyers can drive to north east France in two or three hours door-to-door.