Wood boring beetle

Timber Infestation in Buildings

“Wood boring beetle”Wood Boring Insects infest most properties in Northern France and are commonly but incorrectly generally referred to as ‘woodworm’. In fact most damage to timberwork is in fact caused …

Breton music

Breton Music

The regional music of Brittany is unique and covers all genres from Celtic style with obvious maritime influences…


Our House in Brittany

Jayne and I had been planning an exit strategy for a while! To escape the rat race, we planned to buy a boat and sail the world in very slow time…


Why the British Move to Brittany

“Dol-de-Bretagne”There are several reasons which immediately spring to mind: ease of access from the south coast English ports of Plymouth, Poole and Portsmouth; the climate…

Breton Gastronomy

“Breton food & drink”Combining aspects of “Armor” the landscape of the sea and “Argoat” the landscape of woodlands, Breton gastronomy has over the years benefited from all the riches offered by the natural …

Utility Companies

Here is a list of telephone numbers and websites for the main gas, electricity, water and telecom service providors in Brittany.

Creme Brulee

“Creme Brulee”
Whisk the eggs with the sugar until pale and foamy. Add the seeds from the vanilla pod and the cold whipping cream.

Breton Galette

“Breton Galette”Mix the flour with the salt, eggs, cold water and melted butter. Let it rest for 2 hours. Bake the crepes…

Photo by Alex Brown via Flickr

Brittany cider: a treat for all seasons

Breton ciders are a clear or cloudy beverage made from apples, with a fine foamy head and bubbles in the body of the liquid. Delicious summer and winter, and the perfect partner to a galette Bretonne.

Richard Gillmans house

Our House Restoration

We started to look for houses in Brittany when our kids were quite small but never really had the time or finances to follow this up. In February 2001, after …