Taste of the terroir: Marne

We propose a toast to Marne, where grapes are grown and both red and white wines flow! From coq au vin de Bouzy, to chocolate liqueurs, this departement’s delicacies are inextricably linked to the fruit of its vines.

Buying Hotspots – SAUMUR

The FrenchEntrée Property Services team reveal their top areas in which to begin your property search – including tips from our local partner agencies

Exploring the vineyards of Champagne

How to visit Champagne-Ardenne in style

Hold tight as Dominic Bliss visits Champagne-Ardenne in style – using an eclectic range of transport to explore the famous vineyards and towns of the Champagne-producing region Recently, I had a somewhat panicky conversation while driving an iconic Citroën 2CV through the

Vineyards at Solutre in Burgundy, recently added to the UNESCO cultural sites list

Champagne and Burgundy on new UNESCO heritage list

Two of France’s most revered wine-growing regions have made it onto the newly released list of UNESCO World Heritage’s cultural sites. The ‘1,247 Climats and terroirs of Burgundy’ and ‘Champagne Hillsides, Houses and Cellars’ were added to the illustrious list following

Charming Charleville-Mézières is the regional capital, built in a kink in the Meuse river

Ardennes: Vive la différence!

During an exploration of the French Ardennes region that borders Belgium, Dominic Bliss discovers the myths and stereotypes that have shaped the two countries’ relationship.

A foodie’s guide to Champagne-Ardennes

Discover this region of France by sampling some of the dishes that show off locally sourced ingredients and traditional cooking methods. Pigs’ trotters are a delicacy here, though some might prefer to start with a speciality like potée champenoise (a simple stew) instead! We particularly enjoyed the selection of cow’s milk cheese and the pretty pink biscuits from Reims…

The mystery of champagne dispelled

You may have thought to yourself, why does champagne cost so much? And that’s a very good question. However, when we understand how this famous drink is made, the time, dedication and passion that is put into it, we could be asking ourselves, why is it so cheap?

The mystery of champagne

If you’ve been to Champagne already, you’ll know that compared to other wine growing regions of France it’s actually quite a small area. Why is that?

Modern Champagne vineyard

The Terroir of War

The decimation of Reims, the capital city of Champagne, one of the world’s finest wine regions, was matched by the destruction of its historic vineyards during 1914