Highlights of Haute Vienne

Haute Vienne derives its name from the river that runs though the department. As the river is also the main waterway through Vienne, the “Haute” was added as the department …


Limousin vs Dordogne: A Regional Property Guide

Property Showdown: In this edition we move down towards the Southwest of France to compare the benefits of buying in two areas of Nouvelle-Aquitaine.  ~Limousin~ This bucolic area at the heart of France boasts a contrasting landscape of verdant countryside,

Hulotte in France Photo ©Aigledayres

Living in harmony with wildlife in France

One of the many reasons given for moving to France is the beautiful countryside and abundant wildlife. Long-term Limousin resident Kathleen shares some tips on living peacefully alongside wildlife in France.

So what do you do when you find an owl in the bathroom?……….

Photo by Eva Ho via Flickr

Chestnut and orange crêpes recipe

Popular at any time of year this crêpe recipe incorporates chestnuts – a Limousin speciality. The basic mixture is made separately so you can use your own imagination for the fillings, the possibilities are endless…..

Photo by Marc Lagneau via flickr

Roasting chestnuts in the Limousin

Roasting chestnuts is one of those rituals that bring back wonderfull childhood memories. Cook some just before going for a walk through the autumn leaves to keep your hands warm or enjoy them by the fireside with a glass of wine.

vpardi - Fotolia

Cèpes à la Bordelaise

This quick and easy recipe brings out the flavour of the cèpes without overpowering their delicate earthiness. Bon Appetit!

Limoges town hall

The weekender’s guide to Limoges

I am grumpy and groggy after catching the unfeasibly early red-eye to Limoges as I emerge, bleary-eyed, from its small, neat airport and skulk my way into an already sticky morning in late summer. Whilst I have some exciting visits

Open Gardens/Jardins Ouverts in Limousin

In early 2013, a sub-group of La Souterraine Library Gardening Group initiated Open Gardens/Jardins Ouverts, based loosely on the NGS Yellow Book Scheme in the UK. The concept is to encourage owners to open their gardens to the public for a few days.

Take a Closer Look at the Limousin Tree Population

A thought provoking piece from professional tree surgeon Darren Edwards that helps us better understand the importance of trees in our lives …….. “we can learn a lot about the condition, health and life of a tree just by studying its body language.”

English library Correze

The English Library in Corrèze

We have just opened a small English Library for all those who want to borrow and read books in English. We want to act as a meeting point, and not just for the English speaking community. We hope to start French and English classes and conversation groups. We want to be the base for clubs – we already have a Writers’ Club and Chess Club…………

Montaigut le Blanc

King of the Castle

Terry Ferdinand, who has a holiday home in the Creuse department, shares with us the delights of an unexpected trip around a local château. Terry and his wife were on their weekly shopping trip to Gueret but managed to fit in a fascinating history lesson en route.

The viaduct

Corrèze, the Millau Viaduct and the Seaside

You are probably fed up with me always telling you how wonderful the French people are, and how amazing the architecture is and how stunningly beautiful are the hamlets and villages of rural France. Well this episode is slightly different and has a uniquely British slant to it.

furniture for france

Looking to furnish your french home?

Furniture for France is now into its twelfth year of supplying quality furniture to properties in France. Furnishing your Limousin home can be something of a challenge as it is not easy to find classic and contemporary designs of good quality at the right price.

A man with his dog

Dog Links

A new organization has been set up working across France to help rehome dogs, many of whom have had a terrible past, some of who are no longer able to live with their current owners through no fault of their own and some who face certain death within the over stretched SPA pounds.Please take a minute to read through the information from dog links, even if you are not in a position to offer a dog a permanent home there are still many things you can do to help.

Grow Your Own Goodness

Busy mum of three, Deborah Baldwin, shares some top tips on getting the most out of your vegetable garden, with some delicious recipes ideas that even picky children will enjoy.
Tasty tomato soup, brilliant BBQs and marvelous marrows…..

Weather and Climate Trends in Limousin

It is often said that the weather in Limousin is wet, that it rains constantly and the sun is a rare sight. However, those of us who live here know that this is definitely not the case. Each department of Limousin experiences different weather…

Missing Indian food? Perfect Chicken Dopiaza

If you are like me you will undoubtably miss a good curry every now and then, not so easy to track down a good curry in this lovely region, so there is of course a good reason to go out, buy yourself a good selection of spices and have a go at making your own.

Writing in Limousin

Limousin has long been a retreat for artists and writers, who are inspired by the peace, tranquillity and breathtaking landscapes which make up this wonderful region of France. Sue Crampton has recently moved to the Limousin and is keen to start a writing group with other like minded individuals.

Classic car business in France

In January 2005, Cara and Greg Samways moved from Lincolnshire to the Limousin in hope of a new life. Here, Cara explains how they came to the decision and have now established a home abroad and a new means of supporting themselves through classic cars…

Glorious game, hunting for your supper

Hunting in Limousin is far removed from the traditional view we hold of hunting back in the UK. The hunt is an important source of free food and forms the basis of many of the traditional Limousin family meals.

How to Keep Your Pool Water Crystal Clear

Swimming pool water needs to go through a variety of purification processes in order to keep it clean and safe. Chemicals, filters, ph, water types and many more factors need to be taken in to account.

Eating and Cooking in Limousin- Garlic

In a new series of features, we will be looking at some of the ingredients popular in traditional cooking in the Limousin and SW France in general. One of the foodstuffs most often associated with France is the humble garlic bulb or ‘ail’ so this is where we will start.

Shopping in Limoges

Made in Limoges

Limoges is undoubtedly best known for its porcelain and enameling, but there are many more delights on offer to tourists visiting the city. Take a stroll around with your wallet at the ready and you will find great gifts and souvenirs for all ages and all pockets.

An Aussie in Limousin

French entrée-Limousin receives around 13,000 unique visitors each month. Predominantly from the UK and France, but we also from all over the English speaking world. So we thought it would be interesting to find out what a young Australian currently travelling through Europe thinks of the Limousin. Sean Whelan is a 19 year old civil engineering student….

The Vineyards of Limousin

Although not immediately recognised as a wine producing region, Limousin has, from ancient times produced its own range of wines. Through periods of adverse weather and prolific diseases the production has fluctuated and at times completely disappeared but today the proud tradition of Limousin wine is alive and well.

The barn before the renovation

Diary of a Corrèze Conversion – Part 3

Like many of us Sam Parry and her family fell in love with The Limousin on holiday and decided to make it their home. They are currently renovating and plan to set up a cycling holiday business once the work is completed. They have agreed to keep a diary of progress. Limousin Property Conversion.

Barn conversion

Diary of a Corrèze Conversion – Part 2

Like many of us Sam Parry and her family fell in love with The Limousin on holiday and decided to make it their home. They are currently renovating and plan to set up a cycling holiday business once the work is completed. They has agreed to keep a diary of progress. Conversion Part 2…


Diary of a Corrèze Conversion

Like many of us Sam Parry and her family fell in love with The Limousin on holiday and decided to make it their home. They are currently renovating and plan to set up a cycling holiday business once the work is completed. They are keeping a diary of progress. As Tim and James were making their way through slating the barn roof, our French Contractor Remy arrived to start the dalle (foundations and concrete platform) for the extension that would link the barn with our house..

Lake in winter

Diary of a Corrèze Conversion – Part 1

Like many of us Sam Parry and her family fell in love with The Limousin on holiday and decided to make it their home. They are currently renovating and plan to set up a cycling holiday business once the work is completed. They have agreed to keep a diary of progress and the ups and downs of the project here is the story so far

French door

Security for your Limousin Home

Have you taken adequate safety precautions to secure the contents of your home? Country homes are often not as secure as they could be. Old doors with woefully inadequate locks make an ideal target for thieves. How to secure your property…

The Sharman family

How will your children cope?

Perhaps the biggest concern for any family moving to the Limousin is how easily their children will settle here and the quality of the education they will receive. We met up with one family who came to live in the Limousin and have very much made it their home.

Fete de la musique logo

Fete de la Musique

In October 1981, Maurice Fleuret became Director of Music and Dance at the ministry of culture. Motivated by his lifelong love of music he was determined to bring more music …

Les amis des chats logo

Les Amis Des Chats

“Les amis des chats” has just celebrated its tenth anniversary. Since this cat welfare charity was founded in Roquecor, Tarn-et-Garonne in March 2000 it has helped over 5,000 cats, and plans to help even more in the years to come.

June Tips For Your Limousin Garden

In roughly 3 weeks time summer will be officially with us and hopefully the results of our efforts will begin to bear fruit, literally. If you haven’t already, cover your fruit trees and vines with plastic netting to protect ripening fruit from the birds..

November Top Tips For Your Limousin Garden

October has been and gone and with it has come the weather that we can normally expect for the region at this time of year. The early frost’s have arrived and seen off most of the unprotected annuals and nature seems to have returned to normal or, has it?

The Limousin Garden -More inspiration from our local expert

One of the most common topics for questions received Oak garden services are, garden machinery and tools. Mark guides us through the myriad of options…..First and foremost look around, tractors, trailers, vegetable plots, log wagons and machinery dealers on nearly every corner, virtually everywhere. And that is what the Limousin is, part of France’s heartland of agriculture. You very quickly find out here, that the flex for your flymo is really not long enough to reach the end of your garden, you resign yourself to the fact that you need a new mower, but which one, a lawnmower is a lawnmower, right ?