June Tips For Your Limousin Garden

In roughly 3 weeks time summer will be officially with us and hopefully the results of our efforts will begin to bear fruit, literally. If you haven’t already, cover your fruit trees and vines with plastic netting to protect ripening fruit from the birds..

November Top Tips For Your Limousin Garden

October has been and gone and with it has come the weather that we can normally expect for the region at this time of year. The early frost’s have arrived and seen off most of the unprotected annuals and nature seems to have returned to normal or, has it?

The Limousin Garden -More inspiration from our local expert

One of the most common topics for questions received Oak garden services are, garden machinery and tools. Mark guides us through the myriad of options…..First and foremost look around, tractors, trailers, vegetable plots, log wagons and machinery dealers on nearly every corner, virtually everywhere. And that is what the Limousin is, part of France’s heartland of agriculture. You very quickly find out here, that the flex for your flymo is really not long enough to reach the end of your garden, you resign yourself to the fact that you need a new mower, but which one, a lawnmower is a lawnmower, right ?

July Top Tips For Your Limousin Garden

Summertime and the living is easy………. Or so the song would have us believe. All the Indications so far this year and future predictions, are for a return to the traditional French summer which equates to a very warm July and August, anyone remember August 03?

broken roof

Raising the Roof

Whether you have just bought your French renovation project or have been subjected to damage from a storm, we have some essential information on the key points for restoring, repairing and maintaining your home’s roof in France.

Having a Baby in Limousin

Well you have made the big move to Limousin, just starting to feel settled and then you find out you are expecting a baby. No one would be surprised if your first reaction is “I want to go home.” Don’t panic help is at hand..

March Tips for Your Limousin Garden

Printemps or Spring time?
Whatever your preference there is no mistake that for the Limousin gardener, we are about to embark on the busiest time of the year.

As we know springtime is the key time for defining how we want our garden to be over the coming and future years….

April Tips for Your Limousin Garden

More top tips from Mark at Oak Garden Services. The clocks have gone forward and the garden is coming alive. Plenty to be done in April including lawn care and a good clean up……….

The wonderful walnuts of Corrèze

Following the season of excess, we have been trying to give our systems a rest. Hunting around the store cupboard for a creative addition to cheer up a plate of salad, I came across a bottle of pure gold, a real taste of summer…


A Family Chronicle

Maurice Fourches was born in 1930 in Tulle Corrèze. Monsieur Fourches carried out his higher education at the Faculty of Science at Clemont Ferrand. Maurice’s military service was spent …

Fish & Chips In France

When FrenchEntrée-Limousin discovered there was a new mobile fish and chip shop opening in the Limousin, we didn’t need asking twice to go and found out for ourselves …

French cheese by a French girl!

The vast selection on offer at cheese stalls throughout the region can be quite daunting, Emilie Broudy-Masson tells us the best way to enjoy French cheese and has a few suggestions on where to start……….

A Crash Course on Creuse

The department of the Creuse is situated in the center of France, within the region of Limousin.
Creuse is one of the original 83 departments created during the French Revolution

horse racing

A Guide to Betting on Horseracing

There are no bookmakers on French Racecourses, and all betting is done via the Pari Mutuel – the equivalent of the Tote in UK. At the hippodrome the betting is known as PMH, but if betting is for elsewhere it is PMU.

Melting pot logo

Melting Pot

Melting Pot is an association, based in Darnac in the northern Haute Vienne aimed at the integration of all nationalities living in the surrounding areas.

People with a horse

Country Spirit

Country Spirit is a new line dance group in Saint Yrieix La Perche , Haute Vienne. Founded by an English and French couple the group offers a great opportuninty to keep fit, make new friends, integrate and learn the language……………..

The Traditional Limousin Larder

A brief history of the region’s food. We look at the foodstuffs traditionally grown and reared in Limousin through the ages. We also take a look at some local recipes with their particular regional variations.

Volunteers CSF France

Cancer Support Limousin

The charity organization Cancer Support France has been set up to help English speaking sufferers of the disease. They provide much needed support at a very difficult time. CSF is now hoping to start a branch in Creuse, Limousin….

Stuffed Limousin Pumpkin

This simple but tasty recipe makes a very impressive table centrepiece. Delicious and heart warming, it is a great supper dish to share with friends.
Ideal for serving at grown ups halloween parties.

Mulled Wine With Apples

A real winter warmer with a taste of autumn. A great opportunity to use up some of this years apple harvest, whilst enjoying the delights of spicy red wine. Mmm I feel warmer already!

Fall foundations being made

A Diary of a Barn Conversion in the Limousin – Part 6

June has turned out to be a good month despite the continuing rain! We have had no further problems with water getting in thank goodness, so we started the month with concrete being poured in the trenches for the foundation walls and in the hangar ready for the workshop …

Roof on the barn conversion in Limousin

A Diary of a Barn Conversion in the Limousin – Part 5

That ‘turning point’ that I talked about last month, well it turned out to be more of a roundabout…! We have had a miserable month due to the excessive rain we’ve had. The barn is sat at the bottom of a slight incline and so all the rain coming off the field has been seeping into the barn …

Volunteering group

The Entente Cordiale Association

The Entente Cordiale association, based in Dun-le-Palestel is open to all nationalities, its aim to help people of all nationalities integrate into French society by organising activities,projects and social outings.

A diary of a barn conversion in the Limousin – part 3

It is now the end of March. The roof is completely finished and we’re absolutely thrilled with it. It looks great and it feels like a big step in the right direction. As we had thought (and hoped), the back tiles were in really good condition so were able to reuse …

English to French Equine Vocabulary

A list of essential equine terminology… in French. We hope that this helps you with all your dealings in the French horse world. Let us know if there is anything in particular that you would like to know the French for and we will do our best.

Filet Mignon de Porc aux Coings (Quince)

The Limousin may not be as famous for it’s gastronomy as other regions of France, but it still offers a diverse range of food that reflect the region’s climate and culture. Over the coming months we will be providing a selection of seasonal recipes from the Limousin region.

A Diary of a Barn Conversion in the Limousin as It Happens

Over the coming months I plan to keep an ongoing diary of our intended barn conversion. Some of you may wish to follow it as perhaps you are doing the same yourselves, some of you might be just want to have a good laugh at all our mistakes and under estimations as I’m sure there are many ahead…

New Build Limousin

A New Build Property in the Limousin

We British, much to the bafflement and amusement of the French, have been busy buying up old stone houses and barns for total renovation or at best modernisation. Attracted by the character, charm and of course the prices of these old houses which have stood for centuries…

Having my baby in Limousin

My daughter, Lily, was born on 29 September at the Clinique des Emailleurs in Limoges. I was not resident in France at the start of my pregnancy and for three full months straddled the two health systems of England and France. As a result, I now have a fair insight into some of the differences between the two systems and can provide some (hopefully useful) information to those who find themselves embarking on having a baby in France….


The Beauty of the Limousin’s Ancient Architecture

In the past, writers or “the powerful” were known to laugh at the Limousin people as they considered their rural houses lacking in character. This judgement was hasty and more importantly, wrong. Limousin houses are original and vary from the use of different materials…

Nursery Places

Free Nursery places in the Limousin as in much of France are over subscribed. As a result priority is given to children who are 3 years of age or over. …


Animal Rescue

Thinking of welcoming a new pet into your family? Perhaps, now that you’re living the country life, you feel that if you had a dog it would give you the excuse to go for those long walks you promised yourself you’d be taking, or perhaps you’re thinking a cat would see to the field mice.

Wine Barrels

The Oak Forests of the Limousin are one of five French forests (the others being Allier, Nevers, Trancais and the Vosges), that provide French oak which has traditionally been used …

Limousin potato pate

Traditionally this was made with leftover bread dough and was cooked in the bread oven, with a simple garnish on the potatoes of chopped garlic, flat-leaved parsley and fatty bacon.