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The Winter edition of the ‘new-look’ FrenchEntrée magazine is available now. With an extra 24 pages per issue, meaning that there is even more in-depth information on such things as; regional buying guides, leading expert advice and inspirational real-life stories

Buying Hotspots – SAUMUR

The FrenchEntrée Property Services team reveal their top areas in which to begin your property search – including tips from our local partner agencies

Market in Provence ©Sylvia Davis

Markets in Provence

Visiting an open-air market in Provence is one of life’s great little pleasures. Market day has been a way of life for Provençals for generations. The market serves a social function bringing together the community each week …

Provence village and lavender fields

A Property Guide to Provence

Thinking of buying a property in Provence? This guide provides you with useful information on the region covering climate, landscape, access, property styles and price guidelines.

Photo: Véronique PAGNIER

A Traditional Christmas in Provence

In Provence, on Christmas Eve the family gathers for the traditional Christmas meal known as le Gros Souper (the big supper). This meal begins with seven meatless dishes, ending with the ritual number of 13 desserts…

The Giants of the Renaissance

New for 2015: five great French museums

Here’s our pick of five hot museums to head to in 2015: Monnaie de Paris The old Paris mint building is now a museum featuring major exhibitions plus a Guy Savoy-helmed restaurant. • The Giants of the Renaissance This

Musée de la Vie Romantique in Paris

France’s Best Museums and Cultural Hotspots

You’re never far from an opportunity to enrich your cultural cachet in France – the country proudly preserves and shares its heritage. Here are a few ideas to inspire your choice of cultural destinations, whether you’re looking for an in-depth

Group of people playing the game of petanque

The Game of Pétanque, a French Institution

Pétanque is one of the most popular pastimes in France and can trace its origins to Provence, where it goes hand in had with animated conversation and an apéritif. The goal is to throw steel balls as close as possible to a small wooden ball called the cochonnet in an attempt to knock the opponent’s boules out of the way.

Photo by KimonBerlin via Flickr

Black truffles from the Languedoc

The black truffle, also known as the ‘black pearl’ or ‘black diamond’ of the kitchen, is one of the most expensive edible mushrooms in the world. It is harvested from November to February not just in the Perigord, but also in a number of other regions where conditions are favourable, and that includes the Languedoc and Provence.

The Calanques

The joys of hiking in France

A combination of one too many pains au chocolat and a desire to explore the countryside around Aix en Provence led me to agree to join a superb group of hardy walkers based out of Aix called the International Hiking

by tpholland via flickr

Daube de Bœuf à la Saintongeaise

Daube is a classic Provençal stew made with inexpensive cuts of beef braised in wine. Perfect for a dinner party as you make it well ahead of time to allow the flavours to meld together.


The timeless beauty of Aix-en-Provence

The approach to the town never fails to stir. As you descend into the gentle valley in which this ancient regional capital lies, you sense that something special awaits, the sentinel presence of Mont St Victoire, which looms up over

Why the French Alps top the south of France

Unsure whether to buy in a place to ski or in the sun, a Wimbledon couple choose a French Alpine village which offers both. A recent French press report that the past year has seen more properties being sold in

Vineyards in Provence Photo by Ralf Via Flickr

The AOC Wines of Provence

Vines existed in Provence before the Greeks arrived in 600 B.C.; however it was first the Greeks, followed by the Romans, who introduced systematic growing and pruning techniques to Provence. The region has 3,000 hours of sunshine a year and very little rain – the classic Mediterranean climate …

We run a gite business in Provence

David and Karen Taylor live in Saint Saturnin Les Apt in Provence, where they run a gite business and are lucky enough to have their own olive grove. Here they speak to FrenchEntrée about why they left the UK to start afresh in France.


Discover the Dream-like Alpilles Villages

The Alpilles never cease to enthrall, no matter how many times you navigate the meandering little roads that connect the dreamlike unspoilt villages scattered throughout this protected nature reserve.

Art of Provence

The Art of Living in Provence

Few places in France boast such a rich artistic heritage as Provence, which has long provided a stunning backdrop to the work of great painters. For Justin Postlethwaite, the art angle is just one of many good reasons to head south

Real-life Story: Buying in Sanary-sur-Mer

Sue Aitken owns a flat in Sanary-sur-Mer, a town in Provence that she discovered as a student. Here Sue tells FrenchEntrée how the town has managed to retain its charm over the years and why she decided to buy the first property she saw.

An Australian author in France

My French Life and French Essence are two books that tell the story of how life changed after Vicki – who was living in Sydney – bought a farmhouse in Provence and moved the family to France.

Provence garden

In Praise of the Sunny South

Those of us who have been lucky enough to spend a summer in Provence know that it is an exceptional experience – the combination of scent, sound and heat make it unlike anywhere else.

From Nice to Mougins – Part 3

A Recreational Tour of the Riviera By Justin Postlethwaite, Editor Part Three – Into the Country For part trois of my Riviera triple bill, a twenty-minute drive takes me past Antibes (delightful, historic, arty) and Cannes (obviously plush on the

From Nice to Mougins – Part 2

A Recreational Tour of the Riviera By Justin Postlethwaite, Editor Part Two – Cultural Interlude I rise early to clear skies and a self-imposed, packed cultural agenda. Many half-decent hotels are, like mine, within walking distance of the beach, so

From Nice to Mougins – Part 1

What do you do when you return to a familiar French city? Try something different, of course. FrenchEntrée Magazine Editor Justin Postlethwaite heads south for a three-part tour of the Riviera…

guide to markets in provence ©Jeremie78

Markets Days in Provence

Market day in Provence is not just a day for selling and buying, it’s a major social event, an excuse to chat with friends, an intrinsic part of French life. There’s nothing quite like the hustle, bustle and noise, jostling with people of all ages and sizes amongst stalls.

Provence Bastide

Provence – Thinking of Buying?

Buying a house in France is a big step to take. Beryl Brennan discusses the different types of properties and important points to consider before you sign on the dotted line.

Provencal Omelet Cake

Al fresco lunches in the summer sunshine – Provencal omlete cake is a delicious and unusual dish created by Mary Cadogan. It can be prepared the day before; serve with green salad and a sharp white wine.

Marrakech meets Barcelona in France!

Like Britain there are parts of France with strong immigrant communities. For expat Angela Billows, living among Moroccan emigrés and gypsies makes for a great French life – with plenty of spice!

bilingual kids

Raising Bilingual Children: The Most Successful Methods

Have you ever noticed how poorly many children handle change and how they thrive when on familiar turf? When you’ve read that same story every night for two months, you’ll know what I mean. Certainly, kids learn languages under the most chaotic conditions – just look at the average dinner table scene – but some predictability within the chaos spells safety and security, which in turn promotes learning.

Santons Bleu

Santon Figures and the Crèche

The depiction of nativity scenes, or crèches as they are called, dates back as early as the 17th century in France. In many aristocratic and middle class homes, the predecessor of today’s crèche appeared in the form of decorated glass-fronted boxes called grottoes or rockeries …

Ecole Maternelle

Transferring into the French School System

It can be a daunting step when moving one’s child from their ‘mother tongue’ educational system into an entirely new one. The good news for those moving to France is that the French state education system is highly regarded both in France and at an international level…

New Build

New Build Homes in Provence

Attracted by the character, charm and in most cases the price of old stone houses and barns in Provence, the Brits and Americans have been busy buying them up for the purpose of complete renovation, or at best modernization. This is in complete bewilderment to their French neighbors …

Bouillabaisse from Provence

For those that think Marseille is a somewhat scruffy, unpleasant place, just sit down in one of the restaurants along the Vieux Port and order a bouillabaisse – the most famous local seafood dish in town. It will soon change your mind about Marseille.

Herbes de Provence

One would be hard pressed to find a kitchen in Provence that did not have a stash of Herbes de Provence by the stove. Native to Provence, this mixture of aromatic plants contain rosemary, marjoram, basil, savory and thyme. Many of these plants grow so abundantly in Provence …

Provençal Cuisine

Mother Nature is abundantly generous in this part of the world, and Provençal cooking is naturally tasty and flavorsome due to the sun-kissed produce that is readily available in this region. Vegetables, sardines, anchovies, meat casseroles, ratatouille and pesto …