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Buy to Let in France

The same basic principles apply to buy to let in France as they do in other countries such as the United States, Ireland and Britain. Before you purchase a property you need to make sure it’s in the right region,

Why I Chose…an Historic Mill in Mayenne

Image not found.How did you find your French house? And why did you choose it? What lessons have you learnt? Each month FrenchEntrée asks a homeowner to explain their choice of property in France. This month we talk to Nicki Newman in the Pays de la Loire region


What to Consider When Buying a Luxury Paris Flat

The majority of property for sale in the centre of Paris is desirable to foreigners – most is old and romantic and conjures up images of a world gone-by. Nonetheless, not everybody is content to be wooed by a small pied-à-terre, some investors are looking for that something special and Paris is certainly the place to look.

Solar Heating in France

Lot resident and regular Forum contributor Papibryn shares some of the results of his research into alternative energy solutions for homes in south west France. In this article he outlines the options for solar heating.

‘Hidden Costs’ of Buying Abroad

Image not found.Research by foreign currency experts Moneycorp suggests that unforeseen expenses faced by Britons buying a place in the sun – including France – may be as much as £19,000

Driving in old age

Driving in France over the Age of 70

The European Directive states that the driving licences of EU member states are valid in other EU countries. This means that you can keep your UK licence until you are 70 years old and drive in France.


Limoux Property for Sale

The Limoux area south of Carcassonne is proving to be one of the most popular areas for property hunters in the Aude – with easy access to the airport, many villages still retaining their medieval charm, and the wonderful scenery of the Pyrenees foothills, the area clearly also makes for a sound investment. We take a closer look at the property trends in some of the towns and villages in the Limoux area. “Limoux Property”

Setting-up a business in France

The first thing to do when planning to be self-employed, is to seek professional advice. But to help you on your way David Hammond, a successful small businessman in Burgundy, who runs Burgundy Discovery which offers personal guided wine tasting tours, gives his advice on getting started.

First Day at School

School Life in France

To start with we came over and lived in the holiday house that we bought 6 years ago, and (with an estate agent) drove around aimlessly looking for a for a good house. But we were choosey and all wanted the house to have…

Part 2: a year in Normandy

As we follow the highs and lows of one couple buying their dream house in Normandy, we discover that French property surveys are not what they ought to be and certainly don’t mention sharing electricity with the neighbours…

A Week in the Life of…. An Architect

Image not found. British architect Adrian Brewin lives in Paris with his wife Andrea and their three sons. Here he describes a typical working week in his business and reflects on the different approaches to building between the British and the French

A Year in Normandy

Find out how one couple who had no intentions of buying a property abroad fell in love with a picture of a Norman-stlye cottage in an Estate Agent’s window… and ended up buying it the same day on a coup de coeur!


Buying in the Poitou-Charentes

Following my last article on the healthy state of the “French property market” I thought it would be useful to highlight the five most common mistakes UK purchasers make when looking for their dream home in the Poitou-Charentes.

Vitrine Agence

Top Ten Tips When Looking for Your Dream Property in Normandy

FrenchEntrée Normandy has teamed up with author George East to provide a list of top tips when looking for your dream home in Normandy. George has written a series of books describing the adventures of him and his wife as they try to realise their dream of living the good life in rural Normandy. His experiences may serve you well…


Aude Property

An introduction to the different areas to look for your ideal property in the Aude: Narbonne and its surrounds, the Littoral Audois, the Corbieres and Minervois, Carcassonne and its surrounds, the Lauragais and Haute Vallée.
“Guide to the Aude”

Pyrenees Orientales geographical map

Pyrenees Orientales Property

Learn more about Perpignan and its surrounds, the Cote Sablonneuse, the Montagne region, Cote Vermeille to Vallespir, and Aspres to Fenouilledes – beautiful places to own property in the Pyrenees Orientales.

Pyrenees Orientales geographical map

Pyrenees Orientales Property

Learn more about Perpignan and its surrounds, the Côte Sablonneuse, the Montagne region, Côte Vermeille to Vallespir, and Aspres to Fenouillèdes – beautiful places to own property in the Pyrenees Orientales.
“Guide to the Pyrenees Orientales”

From the Home Counties to the Dordogne

“Sandra and John Howard”John and Sandra Howard have been working diligently on their French since moving to the Dordogne a couple of years ago. They don’t find it easy. But they persist, finding mastery of the language indispensable …

‘I decided to take the risk of my life’

When Ros Weston returned to France with friend looking to buy a house, she realised that she too would like a place in the country where she had spent many happy times. Here’s how she found her dream home in Finistere, Brittany

Building a House in the South of France

Image not found.Bill and Rosalind spent 3 years trying to find their dream home in France. They couldn’t find what they wanted and decided to build their own. In the first of a series of articles they describe finding their perfect plot and why they ended up much further south than they first expected…

House and barn for restoration

Renovation of Your Dordogne Property

There are all sorts of places to buy in the Dordogne but the classic target for British buyers has been the dilapidated old farmhouse with exposed beams and a few hectares of land, needing wholescale restoration to make it a dream home. But there are some indications that things may be changing…

The Cost of Purchasing a House in France

You’re planning to purchase or build a home. You’ve checked all the figures and you’re wondering what kind of financing you can afford. But don’t forget the added costs you must bear…

House in the countryside

Top Ten Tips for Buying in France

Buying a home overseas can be a very exciting time. But it can also be worrying and an expensive process. To help you through this process – and help make your money go further, Moneycorp, the UK’s leading foreign exchange company, offers the following advice

property in France

Property Hot Spots in the Lot and Quercy

The Quercy has become enormously popular in the last few years, and popularity brings price rises. However it is only in the last five years that we have seen a real increase in the foreign population and the vast majority were retired older couples. The situation is just beginning to change again…

meadow with sign

Buying the Dordogne Dream

“Our very own plot”We’d been back for just two days from our exploratory trip to France before finally deciding that we had to buy the plot of land. It was only the second piece of land we had visited…

Pezenas villa with Pool

New Builds – Buying off Plan in Languedoc, France

Image not found.If buying an old stone house in the south of France does not appeal to you for whatever reason, then having your own house built for you is an option worth considering. The advantages of using a specialised company is that when it is finished you can walk into it without having to do any further work. You will also have all the technical and financial guarantees in place

Electricity System in France

Image not found.According to the French Ministry for Industry, 100KWh of heating costs around E12 using electricity, E5 using natural gas, E9 with bottled gas and E6 with oil …

Village house

Sarlat Area Property Market

“Farm: €293k”The Périgord Noir is special. With its wooded hills, numerous medieval castles and churches, the broad valley of the Dordogne and the narrower one of the Vézère, and the steep roofs and golden stone of the local architecture, it has beguiled the English for years. It’s not surprising, then…

Stone house near Bergerac: €293,000

Bergerac Area Property Market

“Stone house: 293k”According to Peter Doyle at Century 21 in Bergerac, English buyers represent only 20% of those buying through their agency, spending an average of €200,000 apiece. It’s impossible to predict what they’ll go for, since it varies enormously, according to their needs and wants. However, he has noticed a change over the past decade. “Ten years ago people wanted…


Property Guide – Pezenas

The elegant charm, excellent amenities and ideal location of Pezenas continues to draw interest from property investors looking to have the best of everything the Languedoc-Roussillon has to offer and accounts for why the local property market has weathered the recent economic crisis better than other areas of France. “Pezenas Property Report”

Pre-contract Enquiries

The golden rule is that you cannot be too careful and if the seller tells you not to conduct a full investigation then you should become very suspicious…

Question Mark

Ask The Experts: French Mortgage FAQ’S

Frequently Asked Questions about Mortgages for French Property Q. How much will I be able to borrow? Most lenders in France will let you borrow 40% to 80% of the value of your property. However, it all depends on your

A Foreigner in the Quercy Blanc

Image not found.To live in the Lot is to be immediately overwhelmed by the sense of space, both public and private. Space to live and breathe and bring up a family; space to listen to music without upsetting the neighbours; space to see the weather before it arrives …

A Home in the Lot

Peter and Zoe Scott decided to make their home in Mondounet, near Montcuq in the Lot valley. Fifteen years on, they look back on the choice as one of the best decisions they ever made


The Temptation Of “A Vendre”

It’s almost impossible to overemphasise the power that Dordogne property can exercise over the English. Decisions are made with frightening speed, often with scarcely any knowledge of the …


Floods in the Languedoc

Flooding or can be a serious problem in certain areas of the Languedoc. It is therefore vital that all prospective home buyers are aware of flood zones, the legal obligations that exist on vendors, and what to do in the event of a flood. “Languedoc Flood Zones”