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France Is Getting Fatter

With a tradition of good food and regular eating habits, France has traditionally suffered less from obesity than most other European nations. But as Charles Bremner, Paris correspondent for The Times reports, this is changing

Car Insurance in France

Lot resident Martin Gilliam was recently involved in a car accident which resulted in him discovering what his French car insurance really covered – and what it didn’t! A valuable lesson for everyone who thinks “Tous Risques” covers everything…

Driving in old age

Driving in France over the Age of 70

The European Directive states that the driving licences of EU member states are valid in other EU countries. This means that you can keep your UK licence until you are 70 years old and drive in France.

French Music Icons

Image not found.If you want to know about French music, then make sure you know about these four performers – although only one of them is still alive! Considered France’s biggest icons, they are as totemic today as when they started their careers

Vignerons Indépendent

Look out for this logo on wine bottles in France. It shows that the wine producer belongs to the syndicate of ‘Vignerons Indépendants’ (independent wine producers) and has grown, harvested and produced all their own wine. We found out more from Mike Spring, a VI member and Cahors wine producer, who also helped me understand more about the addition of sulphites to wine…

Osteoporosis scans now covered by CPAM

Traditionally millions of women in France who suffer from osteoporosis have had to pay for their scan and treatment – but this has now changed. Here is what you need to know about getting two thirds of these healthcare costs reimbursed.

celebrity mags

The French Get a Taste for Celebrity

France has long prided itself on being above celebrity tittle-tattle. But a new wave of magazines and TV shows is proving that even the French love star gossip. Plus! Who are the French equivalents of Posh n’ Becks, Mick Jagger…

restored pigeon towers

Pigeon Houses in the Tarn – Pigeonniers

House-hunters in France have a new flight of fancy by buying and restoring Pigeonniers. Pigeon towers can be the most elegant of farm buildings, often more appealing than the houses to which they belong. Wide interest is now taken in the pigeon houses themselves despite the fact that they were in reality only part of farming properties.

Les Chats du Quercy – Quercy Cats

Every year sees sharp rises in cats abandoned at our gates and those cruelly dumped in rubbish bins. Statistics say that less than 5% of cats and kittens abandoned in this way are ever found….

A Tale of Two Heart Attacks

Friends for 40 years, George and Bob each suffered a heart attack within one week of the other. George lives in France while Bob lives in the UK. Their subsequent treatment was very different.

Caring for cats and kittens in the Tarn et Garonne

The Tarn-et-Garonne based cat charity association Chats du Quercy has launched a brand new web site in both English and French. offers a wide range of cat health and welfare information, notably to encourage neutering in order to create a smaller but healthier feline population, especially in rural areas. …

Languedoc Salads and Vinaigrettes

Salads in France, and especially the Languedoc are much more than a few leaves of lettuce on a side plate. They can comprise a meal in themselves, or at least a separate course. When made with fresh local produce and the right vinaigrette they are delightul starters for the meal ahead.
“Salads and Vinaigrettes”

Salad and French Vinaigrettes and dressings from the Languedoc

Salads in France, and especially the Midi are much more than a few leaves of lettuce on a side plate. They can comprise a meal in themselves, or at least a separate course. When made with fresh local produce and the right French vinaigrette they are delightul starters for the meal ahead.

Having my baby in Limousin

My daughter, Lily, was born on 29 September at the Clinique des Emailleurs in Limoges. I was not resident in France at the start of my pregnancy and for three full months straddled the two health systems of England and France. As a result, I now have a fair insight into some of the differences between the two systems and can provide some (hopefully useful) information to those who find themselves embarking on having a baby in France….

Regional Products of the Tarn et Garonne

This region has a well-deserved reputation for producing fabulous quality fruit and has a huge annual production of plums, melons, table grapes and garlic in addition to several varieties of wine …

Nursery Places

Free Nursery places in the Limousin as in much of France are over subscribed. As a result priority is given to children who are 3 years of age or over. …

Leaseback – an overview

A leaseback investment is an arrangement where you buy a house or a flat and then grant a company the right to use it for short-term tourist rentals…

School in letters

School Enrolment in France

If you are visiting on an extended stay, or have moved to your new area in France your Mairie is the place to start in order to enrol your child in school.