The free French-language video-on-demand platform

A vast variety of films, series, documentaries, kids TV, magazines and more are on offer that reflect the diversity and creativity of Francophone culture from around the globe.

Discover TV5MONDEplus

TV5MONDEplus is the worldwide French-language video on demand platform. This free offer of content exclusively in French, providing subtitles in five languages, will allow you to discover French-language programmes from all over the world and is available on all web and mobile media devices.

Sashinka is a comedy/drama movie from 2018. (Origin: Canada) Photo courtesy of TV5MONDE

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TV5Monde, Di Stasio show
Di Stasio, a delicious adventure and cooking show (Origin: Canada / Québec). Photo courtesy of TV5MONDE

What programmes will I find on TV5MONDEplus ?

TV5MONDEplus offers a wide choice of films, television series, documentaries, children’s programmes from France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland. You will also find TV5MONDE own productions (news and cultural magazines, documentaries), African co-productions  and podcasts (or “balados”, as Quebeckers say). TV5MONDEplus also offers programmes from high-end cultural partners such as the Musée de l’Homme, Collège de France and Centre Culturel Canadien in Paris.

*For contractual reasons, TV5MONDEplus will not be available in China and the Netherlands. It will be available in 2021 in the United States via the main operators broadcasting TV5MONDE.

Les Pays D'en Haut, TV5MONDEplus
A 19th century period drama set in the Wild West, Les Pays D’en Haut (Origin: Canada / Québec). Photo courtesy of TV5MONDE

How can I watch TV5MONDEplus ?

TV5MONDEplus is accessible online but also downloadable as an application on smartphone devices, via the Apple store and Google PlayThe platform also offers a sign-in option for an enhanced user-experience such as resume watching, favourites and more!

The exclusively French platform and worldwide accessibility aims at improving the discoverability of francophone programming. The launch of TV5MONDE now being on demand, positions it as a public-service and French-language broadcaster, adding a new digital dimension to its operations!

Eventually, the selection will provide nearly 5,000 hours of programming, with more than 150 hours being refreshed each month.

Start streaming TVMONDEplus on-demand programmes today

Le Petit Lieutenant, TV5Monde
Le Petit Lieutenant is a crime drama/thriller movie (Origin: France). Photo courtesy of TV5MONDE
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