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Welcome to Business in France

Welcome to our Business in France zone. For many people arriving in France, being self-employed is a big part of the dream. But all new businesses require careful preparation. Read our series of articles which are a step-by-step guide to setting up a business in France. We also have a guide on the kinds of business opportunities available to expats in France, and advice on registering your business in France as well as on business tax, social security and insurance and the new auto-Entrepreneur system for small businesses.
For professional advice and information on grants and other monies available, take a look at our list of helpful French organisations.
Also, do read our tips on writing a business plan.
For stories of those who have already done it, see our many real life stories.
If you are looking to buy a business in France, then search our Business for sale in France database and browse a variety of business opportunities across France from restaurants to shops and hotels.
If you are thinking of buying a gîte search our gîtes for sale database.

Working in France

InterviewIf you're after paid employment in France take a look at our Working in France zone with its guide to the French job market which includes information on employment law including contracts. We can also help you put together your CV and prepare for an interview.

Real Life Stories

(Picture 32526tc) Do you have a story about living, holidaying or buying property in France? If so, we would love to hear from you! Please email us:

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Editor's pick

Buying a property in France that doubles as business premises is a popular way to make the move and keep money coming in. more...

Thinking about running a business in France?

The basics - updated August 2014 © Minerva Studio - Fotolia.comIt’s daunting enough trying to set up a business in your own country, in your own language, but to do so in a foreign country can be frightening. To give you a helping hand, here are a few pointers about how to run a business in France. more...

10 Tips to buy a property with a business in France

©machiavel007 via fotoliaWith bills going up and the exchange rate to consider, buying a property in France that can double as a business premises is a popular way to make the move and keep some money coming in. more...

Top Tips for a Business in France

Case study: A Classic Rat Race Escape by Nicholas Hayward ©photoart via Fotolia.comI used to work a job in the city and my friends and I would regularly escape to the French alps for a ski holiday. One day we left it all behind ...

Renting your business premises

© atm2003 - Fotolia.comIf you intend to set up a business in France, it is advisable, at least in the beginning, to rent out rather than purchase your business premises as it will give you time to familiarise yourself with an area and to ensure that it suits your business. more...

Hoping to join the French social security system?

Carte VitaleIf you were hoping to join the French healthcare system by setting up a small business (such as an auto entrepreneur business), be aware of strict new measures relating to foreign citizens. more...

Business opportunities for expats

Running a business in FranceIf you are planning to relocate to France and are still at the age where you need an income you may be dreaming of setting up your own business. Perhaps you know exactly what it is you want to do, or are looking for a business opportunity in France. Read our Practical Guide more...

Helping entrepreneurs in the Massif-Central

Buying a business in FranceWe talked to Christine LaCroix, Project Manager of UCCIMAC, to find out how the organisation can assist expats looking to take-over a business in the Massif-Central. more...

Setting up in France: SARL or SCI?

Setting up a business in FranceFrench law offers a wide variety of structures for new businesses looking to establish themselves within l’Hexagone. The last few years have seen a number of important reforms which have brought about changes to the way companies can be set-up and expanded. more...

Protect your business

Top tips to save it from the economic slowdown Business SuccessIf you are running a company, or are about to set-up one, then you need to review many things and maybe do things you hadn't thought of doing before. Here are our top tips for protecting your business in France... more...

Auto-entrepreneur system for small businesses

Paperwork The French government has introduced new measures aimed at reducing the taxes and financial costs of running a small business or being self-employed in France...more...

Top Tips & Advice

Top Tips for starting a businessAdvice when starting up a business in France including information about registering with the French jobs agency ANPE and a list of organisations which can assist you more...

Providing accommodation in France

A luxurious offering for vegetarians cottageVegetarian Topic Host Trevor Bridge explains how he and his wife Jocelyn came to be running a luxury vegetarian cottage in France... more...

Your English-speaking accountant in France

SAREGWith over 20 years’ experience assisting ex-pats in France, we advise investors, register businesses of all sizes and handle accounts and tax declarations throughout France. Find out more

Save a Fortune on Currency Exchange

(picture 22061tr)Whether you need advice or an international money transfer quote, FrenchEntree's currency partner - Moneycorp - can help. Visit the France currency exchange.

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Free International Money Transfers for Life

Currency Zone A great rate and no transfer fee for the life of your account! Make a no obligation enquiry to Moneycorp, FrenchEntrée’s currency partner and see how we can save you money.

Property Finder Business Opportunities

The French Property Finders, France's first ever English speaking network of property finders are looking for energetic and talented property finder partners in choice locations throughout France. Further information.

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