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Obtaining French Nationality through Marriage

Acquiring French Nationality through Marriage

There is no automatic right to French Nationality upon marriage to a French National. The acquisition of French nationality by a foreign citizen through marriage is done in accordance with the procedure laid out below. A foreigner can apply to

Importing and registering a UK vehicle in France

Importing a UK vehicle and registering it in France

This fact sheet explains the procedure for importing and registering a UK registered motor vehicle or trailer/caravan in France. (The procedure is more or less the same for importing a vehicle from any EU country.)   It applies to anyone

Brexit - pension

Pensions in France after Brexit

Retirees are the biggest group of expats living in France and there are scare stories in the media about expat pensioners in Europe being left “impoverished” by Brexit and “obliged to return home”. This is alarmist. There is unlikely to be any

Brexit - healthcare

Healthcare in France after Brexit

What kind of healthcare expats will be entitled to once Britain exits the EU is the make or break issue for many, particularly retirees, in determining whether or not they will return to the UK. Expats who work in France


Working in France after Brexit

We are so used to being able to live and work where we like in Europe it is difficult to grasp that this could all change. Even harder for those thousands of British children who have grown up in France

Driving licence in France

Driving in France after Brexit

At the moment you do not have to change your British driving licence for a French one if you move to France. This is because the British driving licence is an EU licence and any licence issued by an EU