Insurance in France

Road signs FranceIt is not uncommon for new arrivals in France to fall into the trap of assuming that insurance contracts and providers will be governed in a way similar to other countries. In these pages you will find tips, advice and general information regarding property, health, vehicle, and school insurance in France, as well as some of the peculiarities of the French system. Check the guide below to make sure you are properly insured at all times… no unpleasant surprises!



Introduction to insurance in France

Holiday Home Insurance:

What should you do if a disaster strikes and you need to make a claim from your insurer for your holiday home? Find out what to do here.

French School Insurance:

When you register your child for school you will be asked for an attestation d’assurance scolaire. Find out more here.

Cancelling or changing insurance contracts:

Cancelling insurance in France just became easier: the Loi Hamon.

French Car Insurance:

Understand all you need to know about insuring your vehicle in France, including what to do if you have a car accident. See here.

Life Insurance in France:

Life insurance is not compulsory in France. If you do wish to take it out, though, make sure you get assurance décès. Discover more here.

French Insurance Vocabulary:

Useful French insurance phases you may come across when taking out insurance in France. View the vocabulary list.

Latest articles on insurance in France

French car insurance

A simple guide to French insurance

  Here’s an essential guide to make sure you’re properly insured while living in France. Compulsory insurance Insurance is a legal requirement for vehicle owners (assurance automobile), homes whether rented or owned (assurance habitation), for civil liability (assurance responsabilité civile or chef

French car insurance

French car insurance

Insuring your vehicle in France is not dissimilar to doing so in the UK. There, are, however, some differences you need to be aware of, whether it is your only motor or a second one.

Holiday home security: top tips

Holiday Home Security: Top Tips

There are two main reasons that holiday home security is vital. Firstly, your holiday home isn’t likely to be continuously occupied. Secondly it isn’t likely to be located nearby, not even necessarily in your own country. It’s not just common

British Insurance Agent in Nîmes, Languedoc

As most people know, the law in France differs considerably on certain points to that of the UK or USA, and in France the law with regard to insurance will definitely effect you whether you are buying a house, building property, or intending to drive in France.

Car Insurance in France

Lot resident Martin Gilliam was recently involved in a car accident which resulted in him discovering what his French car insurance really covered – and what it didn’t! A valuable lesson for everyone who thinks “Tous Risques” covers everything…

Starting a Business in France

Image not found.In 2004, Niall and Karri Carroll decided to give up their house, car and well-paid jobs in Dublin and head south for new adventures in France. In the second of two articles they talk about bank accounts, car registration and starting a new business…

French holiday home insurance

If you don’t plan to live in your second home for much of the year it’s important that your insurance takes this into account. And if you want to let it, you will need insurance for that too…