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Babies in France

An in depth look at having your baby in France

Family Welfare

Information to help with your families welfare


Father’s day is just around the corner…

Wishing all great Father’s a Happy Father’s Day! It was Mother’s Day in France on Sunday 7th June and Father’s Day is right around the corner. This year the parents in our lives are especially worthy of our appreciation, after

Me, You, and Les Enfants Come Too

Running a château offering family-friendly holiday experiences in France is far from child’s play, but it’s exactly what Jon Barnsley left a high-profile job at one of the UK’s biggest newspapers to do. Greg Cook finds out more.   How

Home and Business Combined

Was it George Bush who lamented that there is no word for entrepreneur in French? Languages were maybe not his strong point but it is sometimes easy to see where he was coming from as many people in rural France


The medieval town of Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val on the Aveyron River boasts a beguiling mix of amazing scenery and fascinating history plus a fantastic local market – it’s a jewel of the Tarn-et-Garonne…   1. Stunning panoramas The first and most obviously

The Cost of Living in France

The dream of moving to France is often based on a simpler, less costly and more rewarding lifestyle, but is it really a cheaper place to live?   START WITH THE FACTS At a glance, the cost of living for

case study sign

Leaving French Assets to Step-Children

Charlotte Macdonald, an associate solicitor in Stone King’s international and cross-border team, sets out a number of scenarios that a British owner of French property may encounter. Over a 12-part series of articles Charlotte will cover topics such as how

Cathedral in France

10 Reasons to Visit the Loire

1 – River of dreams The mighty river that gives the region its name stretches from its source in the Massif Central for over 1,000 kilometres to the Atlantic. Along the way, it meanders largely along a broad, flat valley

The Old and the New

The digital revolution may have transformed Nadia Jordan’s life in rural France, but she hasn’t lost sight of the traditional values which first drew her here…   Much as I welcome the huge advances in modern technology that allow me


10 Reasons to Visit : The Charente

Flanked by the Dordogne and Charente-Maritime departments, the tranquil Charente has a wealth of enticing elements to lure visitors, from dreamy waterways to historic villages, from castles and rolling fields to its world famous booze, Cognac.

Quoi de neuf, docteur?

  Nadia Jordan clears up a few myths about the French health system and recalls her first dash to A&E, maimed builder in tow   When we moved to France, I can honestly say that the French healthcare system was

In a Manner of Speaking

  Nadia Jordan debunks a common misconception that may have put you off trying to exercise or improve your French while in l’Hexagone…   Most foreigners attempting to speak French will have experienced the pained look of incomprehension that a

Betting on Brittany

Kim and James Hoffmeister took a leap of faith when they moved their family to a pint sized town-house in rural Brittany. They tell FrenchEntrée why  they’re now living the dream…   FRENCHENTRÉE MAGAZINE: What brought you to France? KIM

Votes for Expats!

No longer eligible to vote in the UK and still unable to do so in her adopted country, Nadia Jordan takes a stand for expats in France and beyond…   Politics is still high on the list of conversation topics

Hulotte in France Photo ©Aigledayres

Living in harmony with wildlife in France

One of the many reasons given for moving to France is the beautiful countryside and abundant wildlife. Long-term Limousin resident Kathleen shares some tips on living peacefully alongside wildlife in France.

So what do you do when you find an owl in the bathroom?……….

Julia Stagg

En Vacances: The Great August Hiatus in France

  Go anywhere in France in August and it’s hard to miss; the entire country is en fête. Blue, white and red bunting draped above the roads, geraniums bursting with colour on windowsills, posters on every lamp post heralding upcoming

Running an eco-gite in Normandy

In 2007, the Hill family from Kent moved to Calvados in Normandy where they now run an eco-gite business. Here, wife and mother of two, Rosie Hill, shares their story with FrenchEntree – complete with faux pas and pigs.

Children walking on the beach in France

La rentrée – France’s fourth season

There’s something magical in the air in France each September – a renaissance after the August shut-down, a new beginning after long holidays on the coast and slow summer days at rural retreats. In the blink of an eye, life in France changes.

My life in Picardy

Elizabeth Whiteman lives in Bury, a small village in the Oise department, close to the town of Mouy, between Chantilly and Beauvais. She is a mother of three and a keen gardener, who also likes to paint her produce.

Child Care in France

France has an excellent child-care system in which the state funds 80% of the care. From the age of 2½ months to 3 years a child can be placed in a crèche. Here we look at the child care options in France…

Having a Baby in France

Having a baby is an important time for any family, and as an expat, you will need to know how the maternity system works in France. Here is our guide from pregnancy to birth and post-natal care.

Having a Baby in Limousin

Well you have made the big move to Limousin, just starting to feel settled and then you find out you are expecting a baby. No one would be surprised if your first reaction is “I want to go home.” Don’t panic help is at hand..


A Family Chronicle

Maurice Fourches was born in 1930 in Tulle Corrèze. Monsieur Fourches carried out his higher education at the Faculty of Science at Clemont Ferrand. Maurice’s military service was spent …

La Leche League

If you are about to have a baby or just had one and wish to breastfeed, it can be helpful and reassuring to have breastfeeding support in English, especially when living in a new country. The Leche League has been helping mothers in France for more than 20 years. If you live in South West France, you may contact one of the English-speaking Leaders living in France.

Toddlers in Creche

Child-Care Options In Tarn & Aveyron

If you have young children (from 2 months old) who do not go to school yet (under 2 or 3 depending on the school) and you need to carry on working or have a few days off during the week, here are the child-care options in the Tarn & Aveyron.

Ski place in France

The Sporting Life in France

Image not found.Sport is something the French take very seriously. It’s not only the taking part and the strong competitive spirit, but also the whole ethos of what you’re going to wear. The ‘sporty’ Frenchman chooses his wardrobe for every sport…

Cookies made by children

French School Dinners

With all the fuss over school dinners in the UK, and headlines such as “Not fit for a dog” in the national papers, we asked Graham Downie how school meals compared …

Having my baby in Limousin

My daughter, Lily, was born on 29 September at the Clinique des Emailleurs in Limoges. I was not resident in France at the start of my pregnancy and for three full months straddled the two health systems of England and France. As a result, I now have a fair insight into some of the differences between the two systems and can provide some (hopefully useful) information to those who find themselves embarking on having a baby in France….

Nursery Places

Free Nursery places in the Limousin as in much of France are over subscribed. As a result priority is given to children who are 3 years of age or over. …


Animal Rescue

Thinking of welcoming a new pet into your family? Perhaps, now that you’re living the country life, you feel that if you had a dog it would give you the excuse to go for those long walks you promised yourself you’d be taking, or perhaps you’re thinking a cat would see to the field mice.