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Leaving French Assets to Step-Children

Charlotte Macdonald, an associate solicitor in Stone King’s international and cross-border team, sets out a number of scenarios that a British owner of French property may encounter. Over a 12-part series of articles Charlotte will cover topics such as how

What is an Apostille?

  An Apostille is a certificate that makes ‘local’ documents valid for international use. You may hear people referring to the ‘legalisation of documents’ – ‘legalisation’ being the certification of the document with an Apostille. Apostilles are only valid in

English domicile vs French domicile

If you own property in France you should to be aware of the rules around ‘domicile’. Daniel (Dan) Harris, Head of International and Cross-Border at Stone King LLP, explains why.

English Trusts in France

    Many people might not be aware of the potential tax consequences of an English trust in France. Until recently there was no legal concept of a ‘trust’ under French law, however the legislation has recently been modified to

Stone King International Legal Services

What we do The International Team at Stone King LLP specialises in international and cross-border work. We provide cross-border analysis, estate planning and prepare wills for those with assets in more than one jurisdiction to ensure that they receive joined

How should I own my property in France?

How should I own my property in France? Is there a particular type of ownership that I should choose to ensure my property goes to my spouse when I die? Charlotte Macdonald, a specialist solicitor in Stone King’s international trust

Protecting Your Future: losing mental capacity whilst abroad

Stone King’s Charlotte Macdonald, a specialist solicitor in the international department tackles the minefield of diminished mental capacity when living in France. Many people think of a loss of mental capacity as being a gradual process, usually associated with age-related

European Succession law and Brexit

Brussels IV – The EU succession regulation Two years ago the EU succession regulation – more commonly known as Brussels IV – came into force. But how is this affecting British nationals who live, or own property, in France? The

French will disasters

Cheap French wills Stone King’s Dan Harris, specialist cross border solicitor, investigates the pitfalls of cheap French wills. Mr Jones originally called me to ask about the consequences of Brexit on the succession of his French estate. I explained to

One will or two?

Is my English Will valid in France, or must I have a French Will as well? Before accepting a one-size-fits-all foreign will, here’s what you should know.

The French ‘Mandat de Protection Future’

A growing number of us are buying homes abroad despite the downturn. But what would happen to those assets if you lose mental capacity gradually following an illness, or suddenly following an accident?

Protect your overseas assets

Too many overseas property owners fall foul of international inheritance laws and tax regimes. Protect your foreign assets for future generations.