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Working in France: Top Tips & Advice

‘A common error made by a lot of foreign business owners who moved to my area was to think that France was basically the same as back home, except for the language and this just isn’t the case,’. See what people working in France are saying.

Euro coins piles on Europe map with British pound sterling coins

Lost in Conversion: The Art of Freelancing Abroad

Getting the best exchange rate is vital to offset unpredictable currency fluctuations and should be British freelancers’ number one priority in France. Adam Jordan at moneycorp sheds light on the benefits of using a foreign exchange specialist Pay Cut Most

Stick man pointing to a sign that says business as usual

Business as usual! – Despite Brexit

It’s been fascinating for me to see the changes over the last fifteen years of the demographics of people wanting to relocate to France. I’ve pretty much seen it all – keeping a straight face when people explain what they

Keyboard that has a find job key

How to Present Your CV in France

The French are particular about their CVs so here’s how to make sure yours looks good and reads well. Made it to the interview? Great! Read out tips to give yourself the best chance of success

Becoming a pest controller in France

Sylvia Edwards Davis talks to biker and ex-PI Robert Moon who, with wife Lesley, moved to the Cher département in the Centre Region. He’s the first Briton in France to become a qualified pest control or lutte contre les nuisibles professional…

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Working in France

If you want to get a paid job in France, get a head start with our guide to the employment situation, from the different workplace customs to contracts and wages

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The French Work Culture

During the past 15 years, American Jeff Allen has lived, studied and worked in the corporate world in France. Based on this experience, he identifies some key elements of French culture, and hopes that these insights will help others get to grips with the French work culture.

A French school

How to Be a Teacher in France

The weekend that followed was relaxing because I knew at last I had a job that suited and although I was now close to the end of my overdraft, I’d just about be able to dig myself out of debt.

My interior design business in France

Julie Kilgallon is a qualified interior designer based on the French Riviera. She grew up in Manchester and was inspired by her mother’s soft furnishing business to pursue a career in interior design.

Employing People in France

In my experience the French Police and Courts are cracking down on people who illegally employ workers (who, more often than not, are foreigners). This might be done through blissful ignorance – but the Courts do not always accept ignorance as a defence plea.

stephen fishlock on his wedding day

My Profit Grows Every Year

Despite having to battle red tape and high charges, builder Stephen Fishlock’s business is growing fast – as is his turnover and ultimately the money he makes