The Brexit Timeline

It has now been almost 34 months since the UK decided to leave the EU, or 1027 days, but who’s counting? And after the latest announcement from the EU leaders, we were left scratching our heads over what has happened

BREXIT: Through the Looking Glass

After a number of dramatic votes in parliament, we take a look at the way ahead for Brexit and the pound. Reading the recent news headlines has felt like being Alice in Wonderland, with a rapidly changing landscape and sometimes

Car Hire: How Will Brexit Affect Travel to France

There is still much uncertainty around Brexit and the implications around travel to the EU for British citizens. We look at what is likely to change from visa requirements to passports and car rental in France.

British Embassy – Information Meetings for the British Community in France

  Between now and Christmas, representatives from the British Embassy will be visiting five areas of France to update British Expatriates on the Brexit negotiations regarding Citizens’ Rights. Until now meetings have been arranged with British expatriate associations/organisations in France,

Looking on the Bright Side of Brexit

Marion Sauvebois speaks to property and finance experts to offer some positive advice for French house hunters… Ah Brexit… these days you can’t take one step without catching an earful of shudder-inducing news bulletins, a glimpse of an apocalyptic headline,

UK buyers undaunted by Brexit

It’s official! The vast majority of UK buyers eyeing a move to la Belle France are not letting Brexit get in the way of their dream. Despite the doom and gloom predicted, it seems Britons have taken the apocalyptic headlines

Undaunted by Brexit

Although the ‘Leave’ vote prompted some to put their French property plans on hold, plenty of buyers have refused to let the Referendum kill their dream. Nadia Jordan talks to the individuals, couples and families who are going ahead despite or

Brexit Survey: The Lowdown

Buyers are not letting the Brexit vote get in the way of their French dream, according to a poll by FrenchEntrée magazine. We asked would-be expats and prospective buyers whether the UK’s decision to pull out of the EU had

Theresa May Triggers Article 50

Theresa May’s decision to trigger Article 50 marks the start of perhaps the most complex negotiations ever undertaken by a British government. Before both sides can get down to business they will have to decide what form the process will

Theresa May to trigger article 50 on 29 March

The prime minister’s spokesperson has confirmed that Theresa May will trigger article 50 on Wednesday 29 March starting the official process for withdrawing from the European Union. The spokesperson also  said  “We have always been clear that we will trigger

Business as usual! – Despite Brexit

  It’s been fascinating for me to see the changes over the last fifteen years of the demographics of people wanting to relocate to France. I’ve pretty much seen it all – keeping a straight face when people explain what

EU Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS)

Following on from, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker’s 2016 State of the Union address when he stated “We need to know who is crossing our borders. By November, we will propose an automated system to determine who will be allowed

European associate citizenship for British Expats post Brexit.

British nationals who wish to retain their right to live and work in Europe could become “associate members” of the European Union under a proposal to be reviewed by the European Parliament on 21st November. Charles Goerens, a liberal MEP

European Succession Law and Brexit

Brussels IV – The EU succession regulation Two years ago the EU succession regulation – more commonly known as Brussels IV – came into force. But how is this affecting British nationals who live, or own property, in France? The

Brexit - pension

Pensions in France after Brexit

Retirees are the biggest group of expats living in France and there are scare stories in the media about expat pensioners in Europe being left “impoverished” by Brexit and “obliged to return home”. This is alarmist. There is unlikely to be any

Brexit - mortgages

Mortgages in France after Brexit

You can still get a twenty year fixed rate mortgage at 2.15%. And house prices in France are still low. If your ten or fifteen year dream has been to move to France – or buy a holiday home –

Brexit - healthcare

Healthcare in France after Brexit

What kind of healthcare expats will be entitled to once Britain exits the EU is the make or break issue for many, particularly retirees, in determining whether or not they will return to the UK. Expats who work in France

Brexit Currency

Effect on sterling currency after Brexit

While expats are naturally concerned about their rights to continue living, working and accessing healthcare in France after Brexit, the most immediate concern for anyone living in France and receiving a UK income – such as a pension – is

owning a property in france after brexit

Owning a property in France after Brexit

Leaving the EU will not stop British people buying homes in France – either for a permanent move to France or for holidays. Plenty of non-EU citizens – Russians and Americans, for example – own property in France. However, some

Taxes in France after Brexit

The amount of tax a British expat living in France has to pay will not change as a result of Brexit negotiations as tax agreements are negotiated with individual countries not with the EU as a bloc. The double tax

Working in France after Brexit

We are so used to being able to live and work where we like in Europe it is difficult to grasp that this could all change. Even harder for those thousands of British children who have grown up in France

Driving licence in France

Driving in France after Brexit

At the moment you do not have to change your British driving licence for a French one if you move to France. This is because the British driving licence is an EU licence and any licence issued by an EU

Brexit where are we now

Brexit: Where are we now?

As post-referendum Westminster sinks into a quagmire of plots and paralysis, only one thing is clear: there is neither a Plan A nor a Plan B for Brexit. Instead, British citizens are now subject to fear-mongering, rumour and speculation. The

Living with Brexit

Living With Brexit

We are certainly living in interesting times, as the UK prepares to start a new chapter in its history. This has created uncertainty for British expatriates in France and elsewhere in the EU, and those planning to move there. There