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Road signs FranceWelcome to our comprehensive guide to removals to France

One of the big decisions when you move to France and other countries, or set up a holiday home abroad, is what to do with your belongings. Once you sort out what is definitely coming with you, the next step is to choose a removal firm, set the date, and pack! You have just one shot to get this right, so we have put together a selection of useful tips and information to help you plan your move and make it as smooth as stress-free as possible. 

Removals to France Tips 

About to move to France? Browse our useful articles full of tips and advice to help with a stress-free move.

Choosing a Removals Firm 

It can be difficult knowing which removals company to choose when moving to France. These articles will help you choose.

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Moving house? A handy removal countdown checklist

This is a comprehensive list of things to do at various points during the removal process. Following this checklist will take away some of the pressure of thinking of too many things at once, or having to make last minute changes for forgotten necessities.

Five essential overseas packing tips

For most first-time expats, moving abroad can be both a challenging and life-changing transition. Amongst all the aspects to be considered, one of the most important is packing. Due to a combination of factors, it is not uncommon for packing

Welcome to French Moves: Removals to France

French Moves are an overseas moving company specialising in removals to France with 20 years of professional service. Moving home, particularly to a new country can be a daunting experience. They are here to make it as easy as possible for you…

Moving house to France – the basics

Today there are over one million people a year moving between EU member states, and most of them take their home contents with them. Prices for these removals can vary dramatically and service levels likewise. So how can the unwary avoid the pitfalls?